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It seems that I was making a device similar to the radio-active appliance in my past life

Naoko Mitsuda:
It was in 1996 that I first met you and it was the year I started Temple Beautiful. It is now our 16th year for Temple Beautiful so it means I've known you for 16 years. We've been talking over the phone but I realized that I've never asked you how you found out about Cayce or anything personal. I know that you know very well about how it was in Japan when Edgar Cayce was introduced. So in this interview, I'd like you to tell us about those days. First of all, how did you find out about Edgar Cayce?

Yoshihiro Nakada:
I was born in Koiwa, Tokyo, in 1947. I was interested in mysterious things, unknown world and universal things. I was a child who was obsessed with thinking about death, the world after death and what happens when we die. I asked my father when I was around fifth grade, what happens to us when we die. I meant "after we died" but he replied that "You'll be burnt at the crematory and you'll be just bones". This was not the answer I expected but I couldn't ask anymore and I was disappointed. So as a child, I wanted to discover what happens to us when we die.

Were you in an environment which make you think of death? Or did you have anything special happen to you?

I think it was an influence of the past life, not the environment.
Then time passed, and I found out about Edgar Cayce when I was about 27 years old, working in an office.

There was an article introducing Cayce in a magazine called "UFO and the Universe", which had many UFO pictures and was like the present day "Mu" magazine. I was impressed by Cayce. The article mentioned the book "Many Mansions" and "The World Within" by Gina Cerminara, so I purchased them immediately and read them.

In those days, there were only three Cayce books translated and published in Japan. Two are published by Tama and the other was "Edgar Cayce Mystery Man of Miracles" published by Kasumigaseki-shobo. Yet everything I wanted to find out about was written in these three books.

Then I wanted to know more about Cayce and called Tama publishing to ask if there were any means to find more about Cayce. They told me about a group studying Cayce in Ichikawa, Chiba and gave me their number. I called the number and the person who answered was Yoh Hayashi, famous for translating Cayce books.

At that time I was living in Motohachiman, Chiba and since I could cycle to Ichikawaso, I went to see Mr. Hayashi right away to ask about many things. Mr. Hayashi was still a student of Dokkyo university then, but he was already translating many of the Cayce books and made mimeographed copies to distribute to their members. After that, I visited him frequently as it was close.

Actually, I was still interested in death then and in reading the articles of Cayce translated by Mr. Hayashi and various spiritual books, I found the book "Life After Life" by Dr. Raymond A. Moody. This book is the collection of testimonies of people who had near-death experiences and I was truly shocked when I read it. I thought "There, you see!"

When a material has something in common with the Cayce readings, I think "it is real". To me Cayce's readings are the highest level and I judge other materials' reliability according to Cayce readings. At the same time, I think even better of Cayce's readings as other materials prove their worth. So when I read Dr. Moody's book my confidence in Cayce became stronger.

It seems that you were more interested in the spiritualism then. How did you start to make the radio-active appliances?

It was when I was about 30 years old, I found out that there were companies dealing massage oils and herbs used in Cayce's remedies in the US. I was especially interested in "Atomidine" which was introduced in the book "The World Within", so I asked Mr. Hayashi to import it for me. But he was slow in helping me so I ended up writing a letter in English and imported from the states by myself.

After a while I discovered the way of making the radio-active appliance described in Cayce readings. When I read about it I was intrigued by its composition. I was especially attracted to it's mechanism of releasing energy by cooling with ice water. I thought I could make it since the structure is very simple. Thus I started to collect materials. It was 35 years ago, in around 1977.

Even though you say it is simple to make, wasn't it difficult to find materials since it is using unusual objects and you were not making the applience in a mass quantity.

The ingredients are mainly carbon blocks and carbon steel. At the time I was still working in an office in Okachimachi, Tokyo. It was near my work that I found a company dealing carbon blocks straight away. Actually I still buy from them now.
As for the carbon steel, I remembered there was a metal processor in my hometown of Koiwa. I asked the man of that place to make me "these kind of things", and he ordered carbon steel and processed to the exact scale as I asked. Glass bars and charcoal were easy to find, so I could start as soon as I got all the materials.

So you had everything you needed to make the appliances near you. I can see that there's nothing to be wasted in our lives. It seems as if you were guided by Cayce.
By the way, what kind of office work were you doing?

I worked for Braun, the famous company which makes electric shavers, as a repairer. Actually my parents run a barber shop so I became a barber first. But I was always into making things since I was a child, so I quit barbering and became a repairer at an office.

I got all the ingredients so I started to build the radio-active appliances. During the first two years, I asked someone to try the appliance as I built one. And I repeated this. As you know, the radio-active appliances act on the minute level of human energy, so there is no dramatic effect. I asked various people to use the appliances and asked them how it was, if they noticed any changes, to improve the quality of manufacturing.

After a while, Mr. Hayashi started to say that he wanted to sell the appliances to the members as a product. When I was told this, I became more enthusiastic and serious about the production. They were sold only to the members but I think we sold quite a few. They were still rare, and had Cayce's recommendation. Then they spread from one user to their friends and family members. Shortly after, I became more into this work and I resigned from my office work at the age of 34.

I also started Temple Beautiful at the age of 34.

Were you working at a bank?

No, I wasn't. But my parents wanted me to. They wanted me to have a secure job such as banking or government work because they had their own business and it was not easy. My brother also quit his government work and became a translator and researcher of Cayce. It made them want me to have welfare and a stable income more. But these secure jobs don't suit my personality.

Nakada: We both are outlaws. In my case, I realized that I could make a living since I was selling enough appliances. Then, as you know Cayce recommended various gemstones in his readings, so I started to sell these gems as well.

Do you sell gemstones which are only recommended by Cayce?

Yes. I sold them to Cayce members and I put an ad in a magazine called "Twilight Zone" which was published then. At that time there was nobody introducing gemstones with explanations as to what Cayce said about them. So many people were interested and they sold unexpectedly well.

You could say that I was a pioneer to introduce gemstones in the Cayce way. But one time I used the Cayce reading about lapis lazuli as a part of a magazine ad. A major dealer immediately stole the idea and I lost the market. For a small vender like myself there was nothing I could do.

Now there is a book called "Mystic Power of Gems" published by Chuo Art but before that, Mr. Hayashi translated and independently published a book called "Mystical Gemology". This book compiled the interpretations on gems by not only Cayce but also by several psychics. And since it was published, many other dealers started to copy my style of sales.
Lapis lazuli became very popular then as it was recommended by Cayce. When I visited a gem show, there were wholesalers from India and Pakistan with piles of various kinds of lapis lazuli, from raw ore to cut and polished form. And there were a mountain of people buying from them.

What did Cayce say about Lapis Lazuli?

Nakada: What Cayce referred to as lapis lazuli is azurite to be precise. He said that azurite influences the pituitary gland to activate one's potential ability and strengthen one's psychic ability. To use this, you place lapis on your forehead mainly. But Cayce recommended to use it in a glass case for it's energy can be too strong. It is a little hastle. But I was told by my friend who has psychic power, that placing lapis on the forehead gives a throbbing sensation and it's energy can be felt by simply holding it in your hand.

Did the Cayce group held by Mr. Hayashi have seminars? Until what year were you involved?

Mr. Hayashi was translating and making members' bulletins when he found interesting articles published by A. R. E. in the United States. I don't think there were any seminars held. Just sending bulletins. The group meeting was only among members who lived near by.

I helped them by asking bookstores to carry their bulletins and designed the covers but I left the group after a while for some reason. And at the same time I stopped making the appliances. I was with them for about 8 years in total.

I started Temple Beautiful in 1996. I think I was introduced to you by my brother the same year. You were making the appliances then, weren't you?

No, I wasn't. I didn't make any appliances for about 10 years until I met you. I started again as I began the business with you.

Is that so. I didn't know at all. It's already been 16 years since then. We are still selling your radio-active appliances and carbon steel coins. Do you have anything you are careful of or try to do when you make them?

I make the appliances only when my emotional state is calm. If I am feeling stressed or negative, I don't make them. And when I make them I do a simple meditation before I start.

The inside of the radio-active appliance cannot be seen by the customers, but the quality of the material you use is very high. I have taken some American appliances apart so I know the insides, and yours surpass compared to them. The radio-active appliances act on the minute energy field of human body. I think it's quality depends on the material used since the structure is so simple. I suppose your craftsmanship made you seek for such quality ingredients. How did you find those materials?


The carbon steel I was ordering through a metal processing factory at first but I found out that a higher content of carbon was better so I started to look for such material by myself. But it was very difficult to find steel dealers in Japan. They used to produce high carbon content steel before but it is in less demand these days. What I could find had a content of 0.55%, and eventually I found one with 0.58%… It was so hard to find.

On top of that, one unit for placing an order of steel is usually several tons. So I had to find a wholesaler who, having made such an order of carbon steel carbon could share some with me in small quantity. Finding this channel was extremely hard.

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