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T: So homeopathy is effective on animals too. Skeptics usually say that "It is merely the placebo effect", but animals wouldn't be influenced by suggestions like humans (laugh).

M: No. For example, there was an experiment done on mice.
They inserted chemical elements such as arsenic and lead into mice, then one group was given just water and the other group was given homeopathic fluid. Afterwards, they checked the chemical which remained in their bodies, and they found that the homeopathy treated group eliminated chemical elements greatly.

There are several theses on similar experiments on metals. I can say that homeopathy definitely works for the result on these experiments as well as my experiences.

At our clinic, we use homeopathy on various symptoms from scratch to cancer. I know many cases of cancer being healed only with homeopathy and without giving any surgery. I think that it prolongs an animals' life at least (only on clinically tested animals).

T: Can you recognize the disappearance of a tumor visibly with X-rays?

M: Yes. In fact, we have records of not only X-rays, but MRI and ultrasonography.

T: That is amazing.

M: But in the case of cancer, leukemia, and HIV I'd ask for frequent visits so that I could carefully palpate each time. Animals also become ill because of their stresses, but the cause of their stress is not obvious like humans. Thus we need to watch carefully for their changes. It's very mysterious but animals sometimes take on the owners' illnesses.

T: How does it happen?

M: It happens like this, a diabetic person has a pet dog, then the dog becomes diabetic too. I know an interesting case that the owner had an accident and broke a bone in uncommon way. Then after the owner's operation, the pet dog had an accident and had the exact same part broken in the same uncommon way, and had to be operated on. And an even more uncanny thing was, the owner's cast was snapped one day by knocking it on something, then the dog's cast snapped in the same way.

Here's another interesting story. One owner and their pet dog had a cancer on the jaw area. The owner had an operation, but died after 3 weeks. Then the owner's family concerned that if the dog had the same operation, it would die as well. Thus they came to us wanting a homeopathy treatment. We treated as they asked, and the dog was healed. But they stopped giving homeopathy after a year and a half, then the cancer appeared again. The treatment was repeated and dog became better again. Eventually the dog died, but despite the illness it's life was prolonged by two and a half years. If the dog had had an operation like the owner, it might have died earlier. When we think about this, it is mysterious.

T: Why do you think such things happen? Are they attracting similar experiences because they are vibrationally sympathized for living together?

M: Animals are energetically sensitive, and also they are deeply affectionate, so that they share and take on all kinds of vibration from the owners.

T: I see (cry). Dr. Morii, you must have a good understanding of animals' feelings.

M: I cannot hold conversations like animal communicators, but I think I can understand them to a certain extent by looking at their eyes, their movements, and their aura. But I'm not sure if it's really what they want to say or if it's just filtering my thoughts. Well, I spend all day with animals, so I wish to be better at communications than people who have nothing to do with them (laugh).

T: You've told me that animals endure their pain to the maximum, so it is difficult to find their illnesses at an early stage. You must be able to sense their inner voices.

M: I suppose so. When I look at an animal, I can sense what it's suffering. But cats are harder to read, unlike dogs which show their illnesses quite openly. I think because cats' nature is closer to wilderness. That means, all wild animals have the nature of hiding their illnesses because weakness means their death.

Thus it is common to find a major illnesses of animals at vaccinations or check ups. In order to prevent this, touching pets body every day is effective. The sense of our hands is very precise, and we can identify small differences. And most animals apart from some cats love to be touched. Especially dogs love it the best, so I hope all owners will give plenty of touching and hugging to their pets.

People who are able to see chakras claim that dogs don't have a heart chakra. This is because their loving energy is constantly flowing so they don't have to keep energy at heart. I can't prove if this is right, but this makes sense when seeing how loyal they can be to their owners.

T: Do cats and dogs remain as spirit bodies after deaths? I've heard that they reincarnate as well.

M: When I was in Australia, my roommate went to a famous French psychic for a reading. He was told "I can see your Japanese roommate has many dog's and cat's spirits to help him". I have had such feelings always, so when I heard this, I thought to myself "I wasn't just imagining". I can clearly feel that the passed-on animals are around me and helping me, even today.

But these spirits seem to be different than before. I think they stay for a while and move on to the light after a certain period. I'm not sure about their reincarnations, but Cayce and Silverbirch deny animal incarnations. I guess they don't have the necessity to be reborn to do it over, because they don't create bad karmas like humans (laugh).

T: That is so moving when I imagine them helping you after their deaths. By the way, do you apply Cayce remedies to yourself?

M: Yes, of course. I use the castor oil pack the most to this day. I used to do it in the correct cycles as Cayce recommended, but these days I just apply whenever I feel like it. In general, I don't have any physical problems, so I apply when I need to cleanse my body, or after fasting. I used to intake Cayce's herbal tonics and used shampoo and tooth powder from the Heritage Store. I used the radio active appliance as well. I have used almost everything recommended in Cayce's remedies.

T: Have you experienced anything from applying the castor oil pack?

M: I can't say that anything has changed since I am healthy in general, but I feel much clearer and physically lighter after the pack. Actually, I'm the only one who didn't have appendicitis in my family, and I think it's because I applied the pack whenever I felt discomfort in the appendix area.

T: That's great to hear. I don't mean to self-praise, but I think if the castor oil pack was widely accepted in society, it would reduce the national medical cost of Japan and solve the problem.

M: I agree. Western medicine is definitely useful, but treatment using only western medicine would reach it's limit in near future. Though relying only on alternative medicine can be dangerous for acute conditions. Therefore, it is the best to apply both. If a doctor knew western and eastern medicine, traditional and folk medicine, the best treatment suitable for a patient could be given.

T: You are in fact, practicing what you've just said. I was told by another doctor that your knowledge on alternative medicine is extraordinary.

M: In my case, I have just spent too much time studying (laugh). I mean, I have learned 15,000 kinds of Chinese herbs precisely, but what I could use in the actual treatment was only a few. When I wrote the "Materia Medica" of homeopathy, I studied 25,000 kinds of herbs thoroughly. But I can only use 300 to 400 kinds. Thus, it can be said that the rest of the knowledge is not useful.

Although I'm continuing the study to formulate a system because even though the knowledge is not yet applicable, having that knowledge will give the depth to the understanding of a subject.

And also I think it'd be great if my effort made a foundation of easier application to those who choose this path in the future. The world of alternative medicine won't progress, unless someone wastes a lot of time.

T: You are so attracted to homeopathy that it's worthwhile to give so much of your time.

M: That's right. After all, if one ever witnesses the miracle of healing on an animal which is barely surviving, it is unstoppable.

T: You work at the clinic and study in-between work and writing books… I wonder how you spend a day. I suppose you must have an extremely tight schedule.

M: In the past I used to only sleep for 3 hours. I did this until around the age of 45. I had to read 100 to 300 theses every day after working at the clinic to study Chinese herbs. But these days I cherish my sleep and try to spend more time to practicing mediation at night, so I have a more relaxed life style compared to before.

T: By the way, I was told by many people that you are a master of meditation. Do you practice anything special?

M: I practice the technique which I learned with a historical group called the SRF (Self-Realization Fellowship) which was established in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda, who was the pioneer of Yoga in the western world.

After practicing meditation for 2 years following their technique and having to reach a certain level, you have a simple test. And when you pass it you have the permission to learn the higher Yoga technique called Kriya Yoga.

I highly recommend this technique for meditation as you can become aware of peace and existence of god within yourself. SRF does not manipulate you to any biased thought, they genuinely assist with meditation and the technique of moving our energy systematically. Thus you can work safely as a beginner.

*Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952)
He devoted himself to spread the divine spiritual science of Kriya Yoga, practiced in India for thousands of years. He emphasized the similarities in religion around the world and taught practical methods for individuals to experience god directly.
Author of the best-selling spiritual classic, "Autobiography of a Yogi" which is translated into 18 languages around the world.
(Refference: SRF official site)

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