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T: When did you start practicing meditation?

M: It was a long time ago when I started to meditate… It was after I came back from Australia, so in my late 20s. I actually have an interesting episode about starting meditation. It goes many years back, I think it was when I was 8 years old. A master visited me who was the teacher of the teacher of Yogananda.

T: What do you mean by that???

M: I met this "master" who came down in the light, with a few attendants. It was a brief but strong experience. It happened when I was awake, not asleep. When I look back, I wish I'd started to meditate then (laugh).

I had this memory when I grew up, and started to wish to see that master again. I can't remember his face nor his name, but I could remember that he was like a yogi of India. So I thought if I started an Indian meditation, it might give me some clue. So when I became twenty, I started to practice Transcendental Meditation.

After some time, someone great who wasn't the same master of my childhood, appeared again during the meditation. This master guided me to an ancient planet without man, and gave me many experiences.

The most shocking experience was the "clairvoyance" which allowed me to see a river located 2km away. My vision zoomed into a rock lying in the bottom of the river and I saw an insect sitting behind it clearly.

Until I met this master I had always had an image of these higher beings to have stunning appearances like Greek statues. This master was surrounded with light, but was a normal looking, short chubby bold headed old man (laugh). I was shocked when I realized that he was the master of Maharishi who spread the teaching of TMmeditation.

T: How did you find out? Did you realize by seeing his photograph or something?

M: Yes. I saw his photograph and thought "Ah, this old man!" (laugh). However, this master of Maharishi and my childhood master of Yogananda did not say who they were and now they're both dead (laugh), so there is no way to prove if I really saw them.

But I'm certain that I met them, not only because of the sensation I had when I saw their photos, but also from the way I have been guided later in my life.
I had such an interesting experience through TM meditation but I wanted to try another way of meditation. And eventually I reached Yogananda's SRF.

T: I see. I'd love to meet these beings surrounded with light!

M: You can of coarse. What you have to do is meditate through Christmas eve to Christmas day every year. For some reason it's possible to have a deeper meditation on Christmas day and it's safe because it builds this protecting magnetic field against lower beings.

If you continue this every year, someone will come down to you.

Additionally there is a 'field' which makes it easier for us to meditate than it usually is, so I suggest anyone to try casually. After learning the actual technique of meditation, you can do it in your own style. However, it is the most effective to practice at the same time in the same place.

T: I don't think it's that easy to meet the light being (laugh), but I'd like to do the Christmas meditation.
By the way, you've just told us about your mysterious experience at 8 years old. Did you actually have some kind of mystery power? Do you think you read "The World Within" when you were in university because it had some connections with your experiences?

M: Actually, I was very intuitive since I was very small and had such experiences which were written in "The World Within". The book reminded me of how I felt. For example, I remember feeling "I entered into a limited body" as soon as I was born. I also have memories of past lives and the time between the last life and this life. I refused to eat baby food for feeling unreasonable for the state of having to eat and excrete which I didn't have before I was born.

T: Really!? (laugh) Did you feel such way when you just were a baby?

M: Yes, I think I was about 2 - 3 years old. I had clearer past life memories when I was smaller, but I still remember some. The past life which is influencing my current life strongly is the one when I was a native American. I also had a memory of doing something bad in India, so I'm trying to do good actively in this life (laugh).

T: Well, it seems that you are doing more than enough (laugh). Have you had any mysterious experiences recently?

M: This isn't anything exciting, but I was once lead by my spirit guide to a place in the future in my meditation. I couldn't figure out where the place was for some time. Then recently someone asked me if I was interested to buy a piece of land, so I went to look at this place… and mysteriously, it was the place I visited in my meditation.

I had another experience of visiting the earth 360 years later. I was impressed that it was covered in plants and very beautiful.

T: It's great to hear that the earth is going to be a beautiful place in 360 years.
Dr. Morii, what are you planning to do in the future?

M: In near future, I'd like to work on creating a structure of a medical team. It'd be ideal if not only vets but various specialists of herbs, flower essences, etc. could collaborate and work together. And I'd like to publish some books on homeopathy which are already written. I know that decisions are made in Heaven, so if they're meant to be published I'll just leave it with them. It wouldn't happen if it's not necessary.

T: No, it would be a shame to not have them be published. I'd like to make an announcement to anyone who works for a publishing company, could you please publish these books (laugh).
Lastly, do you have some advise to give to pet owners about living with animals.

M: Children who live with animals tend to become gentle evidently. In our area, we had cases of abused animals, and some people reported who did it. We found that children who abused animals had never had pets. On the other hand, all of the children who reported to us, had pets.

It can be said that having a pet or not having a pet can influence children in their treatment animals. So I'd like to suggest to keep an animal in the household, especially one with small children. To the children who don't have opportunities to play in nature, relating to animals would teach them about nature and life. Also children who are not good at making friends might open themselves up to animals. Of course keeping pets can be hard work, but there is so much to gain from it.

And when children learn that humans and animals are equally precious, they become capable in taking care of smaller lives. This leads them to take care of other people.
In the greater picture, loving animals, humans, or nature leads them to contribute to the world, the planet, and the universe.

I wish not only children, but everyone to live their lives in a way in which one can feel closer to animals.

T: It is a wonderful concept that looking after a small life can lead us to contribute to the universe. I'll give my love properly to my two cats.

Thank you so much for your time today.

On the wall of his clinic, there are some paintings by Dr. Morii, and his favorite Cayce readings were displayed:

Think, for a moment, of the music of the waves upon the shore, of the morning as it breaks with the music of nature, of the night as it falls with the hum of the insect, of all the kingdoms as they unite in their song of appreciation to an all-creative influence that gives nature consciousness or awareness of its being itself. And harmonize that in thine own appreciation, as to bring music akin to the song of the spheres.(2581-2)

Through those same channels that the entity gained this understanding that beauty comes from within, rather than as an external condition - for the external fades, but that beauty of life, of individuality shining through that personality of self, gives the beauty that fades not - and as the warning was given respecting the understanding of self, and that to be accomplished through the efforts of self, these must radiate then from within. As to the physical appearance, and the outward show of face and figure, necessary that these be modeled after that of the self's ideal, that these may manifest that the body would radiate through its inner being. Accomplish this through that of self's own application to BECOME that the body would make of self. (2071-2)

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