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Online Newsletter No.229
E-mail Newsletter by Temple Beautiful on February 6, 2008

For past few weeks, I have been receiving about 1-2 letters a day inquiring or pertaining to pregnancy. It ranges from news such as “I got pregnant!” to “I’d like to hear some advice about what mothers-to-be should be doing during their pregnancy”. Amidst the social issue of birth rate in Japan, I wonder if such social phenomenon does not quite apply to Temple Beautiful customers because of so many successful and happy accounts about healthy pregnancy.

That said, I would like to focus on the types of treatments for expectant mothers . Some readers who are not pregnant or have no plans to have any children for a while, it would be helpful to know in case someone around you does.

I HIGHLY recommend Castor oil packs during pregnancy for various reasons, which I will speak about along with my sister-in-law’s miraculous experience using it. (Some of you may have heard about this account as my brother have shared this quite often at his lectures.)

When Yumiko, my sister-in-law, married my older brother she had numbers of large Uterine fibroid and over the years of routine check-ups doctors told her that it would prevent her from getting pregnant. She did start using castor oil packs ever since she met my brother, but didn’t quite expect the Uterine fibroid to completely disappear but simply reduce in size. So it took everyone, including Yumiko, when she found out about her pregnancy.

However, when Yumiko went with my brother to obstetrician, they were told that her uterus lacked sufficient space for the baby to grow and that she will have a miscarriage upon two to three months into her pregnancy. Even if she didn’t have any, the doctors warned that she will probabilistically deliver the baby premature or require a c-section operation upon deliverance. The danger in premature babies is that they may end up with having some form of physical disorder.

It must have been a devastating news to the newly weds, but my brother, who has been a devoted Cayce follower, searched for similar cases. He finally came across one in which an expectant mother had Uterine fibroid like Yumiko. The cure, obviously, was castor oil packs. Since their discovery, Yumiko used the pack everyday, placing it right on top of her uterus. (For women with steady pregnancy cycle, three to four treatments are sufficient.) In addition to the castor pack, my brother gave 10 to 30 minutes massage every night using castor oil.

Fortunately, the most precarious stage in which the dangers of miscarriage passed, and the baby settled in the uterus without further issue. Eventually, Yumiko delivered a healthy baby. A miracle baby, her doctors said. My niece is 10 years old now(2008). She is growing up to be an intelligent and caring young girl, surrounded much by love and care.

In addition to this fortunate event, after delivering her baby, Yumiko’s Uterine fibroid shrunk in size. It is so small today now that she doesn’t feel anything at all today.

Let us go over a few points:

Medical data dictated that Yumiko’s Uterine fibroid were too large for any normal pregnancy to take place. However the routine castor oil packs created a condition for pregnancy.

In spite of warnings about miscarriage, she passed the first stage of pregnancy.
In spite of warnings that the fetus will not be able to develop in the uterus due to lack of sufficient space, the fetus was able to locate a space in which to grow.

The pregnancy led smoothly to delivery, regardless of clinical data that predicted her miscarriage. Not only did she have a wholesome pregnancy but the Uterine fibroid became smaller as well.

For this miracle to take place, various factors counted— parental love, baby’s strength, hope-- but I think the effectivity of castor oil packs deserve some serious attention as well. There are accounts about difficult medical cases pertaining to pregnancy that were resolved by castor oil packs.

In the “Castor Oil Booklet” our company made, I mentioned about a woman who had eight miscarriages previously gave birth to a healthy baby after trying castor oil packs and another account about a pregnant woman whose conglutinated fallopian tubes. Dr. Gladys McGarey, an American obstetrician has mentioned about “Castor Oil babies”, babies who were born under almost impossible medical circumstances.

If you know of anyone with issues such as what we discussed here, please let them know about the benefits of castor oil packs. You might possibly witness a birth of a miracle baby.

Allow me to note that Temple Beautiful’s castor oil is organic so it is a safe product for expectant mothers and babies alike!

Naoko Mitsuda 

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