Carbon steal

I bought this carbon steel for myself, but my father has some throat problem, he usually has a lot of phlegm in his mouth. He tried the carbon steel and noticed a reduction in his phlegm production. He used the carbon steel as a necklace, wearing it around his throat.

And when he felt some pain in his leg muscle, he placed the carbon steel directly on the painful part of his leg. He said that soon the pain was gone.

Also, my mother tried using it in a similar way. She used to have stiff neck and shoulders, but after starting to use the carbon steel, she said the stiffness was gone.
We were all amazed by this. Edgar Cayce said we should use carbon steel to protect us from colds, but it is also good for pain relief. So amazing!
Thank you very much for such a good product.
A.S female 2012.6.30

Carbon Steal

I used to suffer from headaches, especially after spending time in crowded places. After giving massages to other, I often take on their symptoms. If they have a headache, I got one after massaging them.

So I started to use carbon steel, and after I did, I no longer suffered from headaches after being in crowded places. And if I touched or massaged someone, I didn’t suffer from the symptoms they had.
Sometimes I also feel a heaviness when I meet some people, but I no longer feel this heaviness since using carbon steel.

Also, I feel like I have better immunity towards colds, and I don’t catch them often. If I do catch a cold, it is gone very quickly.

Carbon steel is such a tiny thing, but it is very powerful!
kanna female 2012.7.22


by legacyofcayce | 2012-07-25 11:37 | Testimonials