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I'm getting healthier year after year. I'm certain that every method I'm doing now is good.

Sun-plaza Nakano-kun debuted in 1984 as the singer of rock band "Bakufu Slump" in Japan. With their several hit songs such as "Runner" and "Okina Tamanegi-no Shita-de ~Haruka-naru Omoi~", he became a dominant singer in his time. He is actively performing as a solo artist now.

As a matter of fact, he is known as a health expert among the world of entertainment for writing many books and giving speeches around the country on the subject. For his vast activity and insight on health, he even earned the nickname "health and happiness hermit of the rockers".

This time, Naoko Mitsuda who respects Sun-plaza Nakano-kun as her master, interviewed him on the subject of the health. Apparently he was once unhealthy for his extreme diet, then he told us about how he became health conscious, his current health methods, and what he is aiming for, etc.

Debuted in 1984 as a singer of the rock band "Bakufu Slump".
The band released many hit songs such as "Runner" ('88), "Resort Lovers" ('89), "Okina Tamanegi-no Shita-de ~Haruka-naru Omoi~" ('89), Tabibito-yo ~The Longest Journey~" ('96).

The band stopped its activity in April 1999. After that, he started to write books and give speeches using his diverse knowledge on health and stock marketing.
His books on health are;

"Yasekata Jozu - Easy Health and Happiness Maunal by Sun-plaza Nakano" (Sun-plaza Nakano, Kodan-sha, '03)
"Heiwa-na Karada" (Sun-plaza Homeopath Nakano, Yubikita Studio, '07)
"Tabe-kata Mondo - Recommendation of Eating Less - Asked my mentor for the the essence of the health!" (Mitsuo Koda and Sun-plaza Nakano, Makino publishing '08) etc.

Also, he has written scripts, produced, voice acted and wrote and sang the theme song to animation "Honmaguro Torotaro" which has been shown since July '07 as a part of a TV program called "Fightention School" (TX group).

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Temple Beautiful: You are now famous as the most health conscious person in the world of Japanese Rock, but is it true that you had a completely different life-style before?

Sun-plaza Nakano-kun: Yes, I did. Especially my diet, which was extremely unbalanced. That was the time when the song "Runner" was in the charts, I used to eat Korean BBQ and sweets as much as I wanted every evening. And for some reason, I was into muscle building so I was taking large amounts of protein. I used to drink a lot, too.

TB:When you gave us a speech at our 15th anniversary event, you said that you were eating Oshiruko (Japanese sweet azuki bean soup) every night before going to bed.

SN: That's right. I was drinking, and I loved eating sweets.

TB:It's hard to imagine from what you are now.

SN: Yes (laugh). Gradually my condition became worse, and when I started to think "There's something wrong with me", it was scary. I found out that my father had a cancer. He passed after about a year of fighting the disease. As I observed the process, I started to think that the disease will not always be cured by just going to hospitals, and sometimes it can't be cured. That's how I made a firm resolution to study about health. When I look back, I feel like my father showed me an example of someone who had a bad physical condition. It was when I was about 35 years old.

TB: I see… It must have been very hard. But because of your father's disease and death you became the way you are. It can be said that your father's will lives on in you since we are learning about health from your attitude on it.
By the way, what was your physical condition like in those days?

SN: Dizziness, hot flushes, palpitations, mood swings, etc… I was troubled by symptoms similar to what women experience at menopause. At the time, I had an opportunity to talk about my condition to a medical doctor so I asked for their opinion. I was told that it could be a male menopausal disorder. I thought it could be so but as I researched, I found out that men don't have menopausal disorders. So I reached a conclusion that my condition was not a menopausal disorder. So what did I have? Actually, I found out that it was 'hypoglycemia'.

TB: You mean the hypoglycemia which people get from eating too much sweets?

SN: Well, if it's explained simply, that's how we get it. The human body has a mechanism of always keeping the right balance. After we eat food, our pancreas secretes insulin to lower the blood sugar level. But when the pancreas is too tired to do this, our blood sugar level can't be controlled. And this causes the blood sugar level to go up and down abruptly. Repeating this causes hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline to be secreted which starts to affect the body and mind. This is called hypoglycemia. And its symptoms are just like menopausal disorder's.

As you said, this is caused by eating too much food that raises the blood sugar level suddenly, such as refined grains or sugar, including white sugar. It is a sickness of 'sweets'. I suppose many people have this in our modern society.

Mariya Clinic in Inage, Chiba is famous for accepting outpatients specifically in hypoglycemia in the Kanto area, and their website has a detailed explanation about the disease, so you can look at it. By the way, I have interviewed the director of this clinic. The doctor said that "The people who have schizophrenia and come here for a hypoglycemia test, almost always have a positive result. But it can't be said the other way around (Hypoglycemia patients have schizophrenia)."

Incidentally, many people mix up the words "Tei Ketto Sho (hypoglycemia)" and "Tei Ketto (low blood sugar)", but "Tei Ketto Sho (hypoglycemia)" is the name of the disease and "Tei Ketto (low blood sugar)" means the condition of the blood sugar level is low. As I mentioned earlier, the problem of having hypoglycemia is not for the blood sugar level to go lower, the problem is when it becomes impossible to control the blood sugar level.

TB: It feels like talking to a doctor at a hospital (laugh). I used to eat sweets ordinarily, since my childhood hobby was 'making sweets'. But I've been having a sugar-free life style for almost 20 years. Because I haven't eaten sugar for a long time, when I eat something containing a lot of sugar, I immediately have a headache, fever, and a runny nose. So I can't eat sugar any more. But sometimes, I receive some sweets with a reputation. Then I eat with determination despite catching a cold. In fact, I caught a cold many times because of sweets… It's a 'sweets cold' (laugh).

I was just thinking that I am at the age of menopause. But I don't have any symptoms like what you had. Maybe I'm benefitting from my diet of low sugar… My 40-some-year-old friend who loves sweets is suffering from symptoms like menopausal disorder. Perhaps she has 'hypoglycemia'.

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