Why Mr. Hiroyuki Itsuki Isn’t Bald

Temple Beautiful Mail Magazine No.13 (2003.7.18)

A little while ago, I got an email from a man, and he said that within his company, the rate of baldness among his male coworkers is very high and is increasing. He wanted to know what I thought the reason might be. I don’t remember exactly what I replied to him, but I thought it might be related to stress, their DNA, but also perhaps they are using too much shampoo. In addition, too much fatty food can
increase the rate of baldness.

For men, the fear of going bald is a lot greater than most women realize. Several years ago, when I first started Temple Beautiful, I worked at the office and at home. Sometimes I got phone calls very early in the morning, around 7 or 7:30am. It was usually an urgent phone call from a man, worried about losing their hair. They wanted to know how to care for their hair based on the Edgar Cayce readings.

This is a true story… and I don’t know why they called so early in the morning. Perhaps they read some book the night before, and wanted to know more. Or perhaps, they looked in the mirror in the morning, and noticed they were losing hair. I don’t know, but the phone was always ringing in the early morning. I worried that it might be my parents or friends and that something had happened, but it was always a man worried about losing their hair!

When I talked with cosmetic companies that produce shampoo, he said people in the beginning, when they first started selling shampoo, people washed their hair only once a week. Now people tend to wash their hair every night. Shampoo has very strong cleansing agents in it, and washing too much can cause the natural oils of the hair and scalp to be destroyed. Shampooing too often can cause a lot of damage
and oil loss.

But we are human, and we feel we need to wash our hair and scalp often. If we don’t, we worry that our hair might be greasy, or smelly, or that we might suffer from dandruff. Washing only once a week seems like nonsense to us.

Recently though, I read a book by Mr. Hiroyuki Itsuki, and thought this was very interesting for everybody.

Mr. Ituski said that he washes his hair only 4 times a year!! He also said that when he was young, he only washed his hair twice a year! If he were completely bald, and had a shaved head, I could understand this, but in fact, he has very thick, lustrous, shoulder length shaggy hair. And when I was a teenager, I was a big fan of his books. Looking at him now, I realize that his hair has not changed at all since then.

I wonder if he really only washed his hair once or twice a year, then surely his hair smelled bad… but he is a famous author, and often meets with many people, in very close and intimate situations. So I can’t imagine that he smells bad! He is a nice looking guy, wearing Armani suits and shoes, the idea that he smells bad, is just silly.

In his book, his said his dandruff is hardened on his scalp, like a tundra of Siberia, so he isn’t worried about dandruff. The only thing he does with his hair, is a massage every night and morning. He doesn’t brush his hair. He didn’t talk in any more detail than that, but it seems to be an effective way to keep a full head of hair! So how about trying his way of avoiding hair loss? This is summer time, so it is a good chance to try it – you can try it during summer vacation and you won’t have to worry about if it smells! It might be itchy at first, but after a few months, your scalp will become like a tundra of Siberia and you won’t have to dandruff or bad smells after

d0255328_117622.jpgIf you need motivation or if you are interested in seeing if this really works, why not do a search for his picture online, his hair will convince you it’s true!

Temple Beautiful mail magazine No.13 (2003.7.18)

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