New Common Sense About Potatoes

Today I would like to introduce some ideas about the Cayce diet. Often, Edgar Cayce’s ideas defy common sense. Today’s topic is potatoes. There are some people who say, “I really like Cayce readings” but at the same time, they try to ignore the reading where Cayce recommends that we do not eat potatoes – and that if we do eat them, we should eat the peeled skin only.

The following is what Edgar Cayce says about potatoes to patients of asthma and bronchitis:

"In the diet beware of too much starches. No white potatoes. No white bread."25-6

Then this is for a patient having rheumatism:

"Keep white potatoes AWAY FROM THIS BODY! Sweet potatoes or yams may be taken occasionally." 1593-1

And, the following is for overweight people:

"Then cut down on the amount of starches; that is, no white bread, potatoes, macaroni, cheeses or the like. Leave these off." 5104-1

Of course people who seek information from the readings of Cayce are people who are suffering from some kind of disease. And so, if you are healthy, and not worried about your health, you might be alright eating potatoes. However, if you are suffering from any kind of health issue, then you might be better off avoiding potatoes for a few months. Removing potatoes from your everyday diet would be a good idea.

*On a different note, Cayce recommends that if you have cancer or tumor, you do not eat vegetables that are in a kind of chunk or mass, such as a potato, because these masses have the same energy as cancer and tumors.

If you really want to eat potatoes, then eat the skin only, or avoid eating them with other carbohydrates such as rice, breads or pasta.

This goes against what people commonly do. According to the readings, the skin of the potato is the only part worth eating. The actual potato is not good for us. Unfortunately most people eat potatoes, they peel the skin and throw it away. From now on, please keep the skin, and throw away the rest of the potato!

If you think this is a waste of food, then please peel the potato skin very thickly, or choose very small potatoes and eat all of it.

"Eat rather potatoes in the jacket and the peel rather than the pulp; the salts of these are most beneficial to the very activities of the body."23-3

"Potatoes, - only the outer portion of same, NOT the pulp, may be taken. The skins may be taken, and the portions close to same, but not the central portion of the potato."1888-1

"As to potatoes, - the yams may be taken; but if white potatoes are to be used, take only the peelings. These are very well for the body, if a taste can be cultivated for same."2455-1

For people that are worried about hair loss, please eat potato skin often. Cayce recommends eating potato skin for people suffering from hair loss. If we imagine a potato, you can see that it looks kind of similar to a head, there are holes, and buds grow out of these, I think this is quite interesting!

(Q) "What diet will prevent falling hair?"
(A) "Potatoes(skin)! But this is NOT part of the diet for this body."257-210

Cayce said we can eat the skin boiled or cooked; any type of cooking is OK, however if we do eat them, we should choose old potatoes, not new ones. In other words, potatoes that were dug up a while ago.

So, why did Cayce recommend not eating the mass part of the potato? To read his reading, he thinks that the white part of the potato is very similar to the white rice, bread or pasta. He says it is not really a vegetable. Edgar Cayce warns us not to eat two kinds of high carbohydrate foods at the same time, so for example, we should not eat rice and potatoes at the same time.

However, in the Japanese diet, we often do this – with rice with “niku jaga (potatoes and meat)”, or rice with curry(potato in it).... ,we combine rice with almost everything. So we are usually combing at least two heavy starches in one meal. In addition, in the Japanese diet, we seldom eat just potatoes, we usually eat it with some other protein. So after eating such a meal, our acid levels in our body increase quite a lot.

I myself, stopped eating potatoes, and have not eaten them for over 20 years. When I was a child, I really liked to eat cooked potatoes, or potato chips. I liked potato-based dishes.

However, the day I read the Cayce readings about potatoes, I stopped eating them! I don’t know why, but I am a very obedient person – especially when it comes to the Cayce readings!! However, if I go to a friends, and they make some food with potatoes in it, then I will eat it. So, I guess I eat potatoes, two or three times a year.

In my case, I didn’t notice any specific changes in my health condition after I stopped eating potatoes. However, I did notice that I am completely happy not eating potatoes! So I think that I will continue to not eat them.

One other thing I noticed, if I eat a lot of starches, then I want to eat more starchy food. And I start to get cravings for sweets and starches. I cannot control these cravings. So by decreasing the amount of starches and sweet things, we also decrease the desire for these things.

For most people, when they notice they don’t have potatoes in the house, they make sure to buy them next time they go to the supermarket. They feel they must always have potatoes in the house. However, I’d like you to try having a kitchen without potatoes in it.

Of course, if you have family members who love to eat potatoes, then do not worry. Please eat and enjoy potatoes. It is important not to fight with family members over what you are eating – fighting about the food you eat turns the food to poison, and this is far worse. So if someone cooks potatoes for you, please eat them and enjoy them. It is important to find and keep this balance. In this case, follow the Cayce readings for other things, not the ones about potatoes. Then when your family notices the positive changes in you, they might agree to follow the Cayce readings, including the ones about potatoes.

In any case, the “hero” of the potato is the skin! If you know any good recipes using the potato skin, please let me know.

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