Are you addicted to sugar?

Recently I have been receiving quite a few emails from readers asking me for advice on how to stop eating sugar.

Many people say that sugar is a like a drug, I think this true. Yet at the same time, the media is always telling us to eat more sugar, eat more sweets. And through the media, we have been led to believe that delicious equals sweet. This makes it so difficult to live without sugar in our lives.

In fact, I liked cooking sweets at home when I was a teenager.
However, I was able to make changes in my life so that I no longer have sweets in my diet. Firstly, about 20 years ago, I threw away the sugar that was in my kitchen.

I forgot many of the other things that I did, but I do remember one thing that I did, and that is: I didn’t focus on stopping eating sugar. Instead I focused on eating things that were healthy and good for me and the amount of sugar I ate decreased naturally, until I no longer used sugar.

I studied about organic vegetables and fruits, and foods that had not been processed with chemicals. And naturally my body stopped craving sugar. I didn’t follow a strict diet; in fact, the process of removing sugar from my diet was very natural and easy.

Last time, I introduced Cynthia Bischoff’s interview(in Japanese). She talked about an episode about a woman who lost 36 kilograms. The woman made up her mind to eat only foods that she gave a blessing to. She found that she could not bless junk food or processed foods. Through this, she was able to decrease her weight naturally.

In fact, I did something very similar to this. I also did enemas, and the “apple diet” for three days, following the Cayce remedies. The Cayce remedies really helped me change my eating habits. After doing a detox it seems like such a shame to ruin the good effects by eating sugar again!

I have one memory, from about 8-9 years ago, when my mother was in hospital. My aunt was staying at my apartment in order to visit my mother. She stayed with me for over two weeks. My aunt loves to cook. In particular she loves to cook Japanese food. After I got home from work at Temple Beautiful, she cooked dinner for me every night.

On the first day, she arrived at my apartment, and found that there was no sugar in my kitchen and she said that she cannot cook without it! I knew that if she went out to buy sugar, she would by white sugar, so I stopped her and went to the supermarket myself.

At that time, I realized that I didn’t even know where the sugar was stocked in my supermarket!! I go shopping at that supermarket two or three times a week, but I had no idea where the sugar was! I cannot even recall seeing sugar at that supermarket.

This was when I realized that sugar was no longer a part of my life.

At this point in my life, I don’t have any desire for sweet food or sweets. I have no feelings of “oh, it looks delicious, I want to eat that!” when I see photos of sweets in magazines or advertising. In my daily diet I don’t even use any sweeteners like honey or agave syrup.

I cannot say that I never eat sweets though! I sometimes do have dessert when I am with friends. And of course, I like to try local delicacies when I am traveling.

I also enjoy eating homemade sweets and Japanese-style confectionery such as the seasonal sweets that are available only in certain times of the year.

Basically, I am happy not to eat dessert or sweets. However, if there is dessert, then I am happy to eat it. In other words, it doesn’t matter to me if there is or isn’t dessert.

Sometimes I daydream about an alien invasion.
The aliens attack earth and take all of the chocolate and sugar. After the invasion, though, I don’t realize for quite some time that sugar and such foods have disappeared!

Some people say that if we feel we want to eat more sweet things it is probably because we lack certain nutrients and minerals or vitamins. It is not a lack of calories that drives us to eat sweets, but a lack of these necessary nutrients.

Unfortunately we don’t realize this, and so we eat more sweets thinking our body need more foods(sweets).

We need trace elements that we cannot get from synthetic supplements. In some cases, we really need these nutrients to come from real, whole foods.

Often people ask me about Edgar Cayce and his views on beet sugar and honey. They want to know if it is OK to eat beet sugar.

....But I highly recommend that you remove any kind of sugar from your kitchen if you really want to stop your sugar addiction and don’t want your eating habits controlled by sugar.

Like begets like, sugar begets sugar.

Focus on the foods that build a healthy body: organic and non-chemically treated vegetables and fruits. Don’t focus on sweets to meet your nutritional needs. You might feel that these organic foods are more expensive than other vegetables; however you’ll be saving money by stopping your sweets habit! And you’ll be supporting the organic farmers. These organic vegetables have a high energy and don’t need to be cooked as much, if at all, as other vegetables. These kinds of organic vegetables are so delicious raw.

I’m a fast shopper because I only go to the vegetable area and the Natto area in the supermarket! Good for the wallet and good for your health! You won’t need sweets anymore and you’ll lose weight and become much healthier.

I feel that only good things can come from quitting sugar.

Why not try it?

Temple Beautiful Mail Magazine No.456. Sent on September.7th, 2012

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