Aura Photos - Before and After

In the past month, we took aura photos of 30 women.

First we took their aura photo, then we did a massage with castor oil or aura glow massage oil, and then we took another photo a few minutes after this massage.


We took these photos in a seminar room, in other words, we were not in any kind of relaxing environment, in fact it was quite a messy room. But as you can see, after just this massage most of the auras had changed and were much brighter and more vivid.

This picture shows my aura and two of my staff. This is the before photo of our auras.

The next picture is taken a few minutes after massaging castor oil on my hand.

Actually, before I took the photo, I thought my aura might be quite red, but in fact it was more blue and green, with some purple.

Then after the castor oil massage, my aura had become much brighter, and the purple had changed to a more pinkish purple.

The aura reader said that I was the sort of person who takes action according to my intuition, without thinking. I didn’t agree with him at first, because I am a president of a company! He said that I am the type of person takes action on something that excites me very quickly. I usually act without thinking deeply about it.

Temple Beautiful has a president who takes action according to my intuition, and has staff with red and orange auras, and the aura reader said that this was a good combination for a team.

In the past, a company president would have a red aura. However, newer companies tend to have presidents with similar auras to me. I wonder if this means that we are running our businesses by sensing and feeling rather than strictly following research and common knowledge.

The aura reader has been taking these kinds of photos for 9 years. He said that castor oil and aura glow are great products to be able to have such a big change so quickly in the auras of these women.

This seminar of taking aura photos was very interesting and I’m looking forward to doing it again!

by legacyofcayce | 2013-02-09 08:00 | article