Cynthia Bischoff (Interview part 1)


Cynthia Bischoff is certified in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Acupressure, Bio-Energy, Breathwork, Shamanic-Studies, and Medical Intuition. She has taught at Old Dominion University in Virginia and has also studied metaphysics and bodywork abroad as well as in the United States.

Guided by her heart, Cynthia developed her Heartliving Program in 1998. She has been teaching the program to several thousand people who want to improve their quality of life. She often visits Japan, and facilitates reading sessions and consultations through the use of her psychic abilities. Additionally, she teaches USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI, Developing Intuition, Heartliving, and various courses.

Cynthia has received the BEST OF NORFOLK Holistic Practitioner Award from the U.S. Commerce Association for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. She is also an executive member of National Association of Professional and Executive Women (NAPEW) and was NAPEW Woman of the Year 2010
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Q. First of all, could you tell us what kind of job you are doing?

My company is called Heartliving and my title is Life Coach, Energy Practitioner, and of course Teacher.

Q. What kind of classes do you teach?

I do a variety of different kinds of classes. Generally when I started years ago, I did more communications and following your heart - trying to lead from your heart. I still do that but also do a variety of different kinds of topics beyond really just spirituality.

I talk about building your intuition, and talk about connection between the Body/Mind/Spirit. I, even today, made posts on my Facebook about how to deal with people who might have difficult personalities. So there are many, many topics I can do.

Q. You have been to Japan several times, and done psychic readings. You have also taught REIKI and Listen to your Body haven't you?

Yes. I have taught Building your Intuition and the Body/Mind/Spirit. They are the two different ones that I did. All level of REIKI (level 1-3) and also REIKI master levels (teacher level 1-3). There were a lot of different classes.
I have already done all REIKI levels and REIKI teacher levels, so I will start new REIKI class from level 1 next time (July 2012 when she goes to Japan).

Q. Many people are interested in your psychic abilities. I have heard that you cooperated with the police by utilizing your psychic abilities. Can I ask you about them? Are your psychic abilities your inherent ones or acquired ones?

First of all my grandmother (mother’s side) was very psychic. She could easily see energy and see the people who had passed on all the time.
That is my grandmother. I think that everyone has some psychic ability but very often people are afraid, so they shut it off. SO because my grandmother was so psychic, I felt like it was OK for me to be psychic.

Do you see? I think in a certain way if I had not had an accepting environment, then maybe I would not have developed my innate ability as much.
So that is one thing I think that helped, and of course due to heredity I probably inherited some of her ability.

But when I was 3 years old, I almost died, and I was on a boat. And my mother was holding me and we were both thrown from the boat. It was in an accident - boating accident. I nearly died. My father actually saved me and my mother. So very often I think because that near-death experience, which I don’t remember very well, because I was only three years old. I have had a dream of being in a tunnel. I was wondering that probably also contributed to opening my psychic ability.

So my first experience I had in which I really realized that I had that ability I was 5 years old. I remember I was lying on the bed. And I saw a figure at the foot of my bed. You know, like an apparition or being. It looked very much to me like Jesus would look. But of course I was raised in Christian tradition. Maybe I was influenced. If I were in Japan, I may see Buddha. I don’t know (laugh).

However the reasons, I remember seeing just lying on the bed I was [ha----inhale], overwhelmed. I had never told my mother. I don't know why. I think because I thought I don't know why. I really don't. Because I don't think, she would be Ok if I told her but I never told her.

So then after that I could lie on the bed and I looked at a wall, and the wall was just blank, you know, nothing. I could start to see pictures always, like a tiger, and then I could see something else and something else. I could just see all these pictures all the time on a blank screen. I could lie on the bed and just entertain my mind all the time (Laughed).

I could see images and things, and later I would be realizing if I saw certain people. I maybe see initials and little pictures of somebody next to them or you know. So it just began developing--really that’s just how it was. I’d never really questioned it, because I would talk to my grandmother. She would say, ”Never be afraid; never be afraid.”

Because, you know, my mother did not have this ability by the way. I think she does a little bit, but she would say No, she does not. Not like my grandmother. My mother really was not the one for me to go to, but my grandmother was. And I would stay with my grandmother a lot. I really, really loved my grandmother.

And so I visited her and I could talk to her, and she said, “Never be afraid,” and she said, “Don't worry about spirits. You can trust them.” That is another thing she said a lot but she said, “Sometimes living people you cannot trust” (laugh). I think that is probably true. It got me very much trusting information, you know.

And then I could just see like, o.k. so I wonder why you know that person has that initial. I wonder why this person has that. But I’d never really talked to people to ask. I just entertained my mind.

So I think, you know, anytime I see flat surfaces like this table, if I just sit, and it is like a trance feeling. Do you know what I mean? I can just sit, and in about a minute, if I go there, and then I could start to see things easily. It’s just always been that way.

Q. I heard that there are 3 types of psychics: one is the ones who are good at hearing things, the send one is the ones who are good at seeing things, and the last one is the ones who are good at feeling things. Which one is your strong ability?

Yes, there are clairvoyance=seeing, clairaudience=hearing, clairsentience=feeling or knowing. I really have all three because I can hear things too. My favorite one is the police officer had slowed down because it was a 30-mile zone, and the police officer was on the side. And I was going faster, and I heard, like in my back seat, no one was there I heard “Slow down” and I slowed down. So I did not get a ticket. It was crazy, but I did not know who that was, but that was helpful. It’s just sometimes very practical and helpful. It was helpful voices you know. I can do the hearing, but my strongest one is always visual, always seeing.

There are so many signs in the world if we just pay attention, you know. If you are driving, you notice a licensed plate, OK. Or you notice a sign on the road, and you will be thinking and it is answering the question of your thought. But I think we have to tune in. You know, people are willing to tune in to their environment, and the environment is constantly speaking and sending messages to us all the time, all the time.

Like this morning. What was it? Oh, my birthday. We were driving, and I looked over. That was the license plate of my birthday numbers. “How?” you know. We saw
“Victory/Success” when we were talking about our business. It says ”Victory” this license plate. I always am observing. People don't always become observant to their world.

You get up in the morning, and an alarm clock goes off, and everyone is racing and rushing. Desensitizing, you know. Just do the day and get it done, and that’s it. They don't tune into themselves and the world - spirit world is here, you know. They just have to tune in. I call that really state of being, not just doing. But I think our society is doing. We tune out because of it.
I also think people need to meditate more - having inner connection to the world more, inner world. That will build the ability to pick up messages.

Q. How do you distinguish between intuition from inner voice and the voice of ego when you get a feeling?

It is not really difficult for me to distinguish. It really isn’t. Maybe it is because I got it for so many years from my childhood. You know, I am saying that I did not learn it later. I’ve known it throughout my life. That’s one thing - the reason why I think.

Also early on when I was doing readings, maybe 20 years ago, someone would come to see me, and I would be doing a reading. And I would get things and they would say, “That’s correct. Yes, that is this, that is that.” And they kept telling me it is correct. And then I think I began to trust from that.

Or if I saw the past life, sometimes they would say, “Oh yes, I did the past life regression. That is just what they told me. I was in Greece.” And then again, I kept, you know, affirming that information could be accurate. That’s probably why, but also from childhood I would say. Trusting. I think you have to trust.

Q. How can individuals who have not trained/polished their intuition, like me, distinguish between intuition and ego?

One thing that I like to teach is a pendulum. You can really understand a lot by learning to use the pendulums. I wish I had one here; I don’t have one. First, you have to learn what is my「Yes」, what is my「No」, and what is my「Maybe」.
I have a certain way to do that (using maybe).

So for me, I mean, anyone else who wants to learn. First you learn that and you can tell, because close your eyes and hold it over your palm chakra. And then see in your mind having a list of questions that you know the answer to. My name is Cynthia? That should be “Yes” hopefully (laugh).

So I close my eyes, and I begin to say all of my questions, that are supposed to be “Yes”. Then I start to ask the questions that I don't know the answers to, and close my eyes and begin to, again see, and keep like a journal of your testing, right? That is very important, I think.

One thing about the now I don't ever use the pendulum. But it is a very good tool, because when I began learning the pendulum, I would see how my spine felt, OK? So my “Yeses” I felt energy just kind of goes up the spine easily, right? But the “No”, it is kind of “Uhmm” does it really go up, Ok?

So then if I go, and say, “You know, I want to buy this cup. Should I buy this cup?” And I feel my spine, so I don't need the pendulum. So if you match your physical feeling to, and you start feeling like that, you know “Yes” and “No” or it’s “Good” or “Not” whatever. And then you get intuitive awareness let’s say. How do I feel?

When clients are in my office, I’m even just doing coaching, you know. It does not have to be a psychic reading, but just coaching. If they are talking to me, I can feel so many times, “That’s true.” You know, like I feel a wave of feelings. If I am doing psychic information, very many times I get waves of feeling, feeling, feeling, so I just go with how was, you know, my feeling of my body. You can tell if it is accurate. That is an important way, you know.

So one more thing to build intuition. I had students to keep a little journal, and it fits in your purse. Not like something you are going to forget but something in your pocket, something small. I had them guess a lot.

For example, I’m going to work today, and I’m going to see my first client. What color would that person be wearing? Just don't even think. Whatever comes to your mind. And I write it in my journal. Now when I see the person, if it is accurate, and I make a note. So I begin to test, because really intuition doesn't come by rational thought, meaning the intuition does not come by thinking alone. The best intuition - it just comes without having to be created. You just know something. You know, you know the color is going to be red the person is wearing.

You can guess how many pieces of mail I am going to have today. How many e-mails when I wake up in the morning would be in a box, right? And then the more you kind of play around with just hunches, we call it guesses, then you began to see that you might be more accurate with color. You may be more accurate with numbers. Or you may be more accurate with shapes. You see. So then you just begin to play around, and it is how you develop your own intuition, because everyone is a little bit different - what they are good at.

Q. Do you also keep a journal?

No, I don't anymore but I did for years. But I told my students, because to me, that is one of the best ways for them to train themselves to trust and to start to see. Because why I like this is they are often surprised that they are pretty good, you know.
And then when they start trusting themselves, they actually open their channel more. So lots of times we shut down because we are afraid of we are not good or we don't know, we cannot trust. And then the more you trust yourself, you know, through exercises, you begin to see.

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