To set our Ideals

Recently I found an interesting Cayce reading. The reading is as follows:

Q) Was black magic responsible for my blood condition, and is there any black magic being practiced in my life now?
(A) Not in the present. ....When there is held by self an ideal, or that as is a guiding star for the continuity of life, hope, peace and happiness, these may not touch a body. 2143-1

He is talking about black magic, and he said that he is not "in the present." This means that at this point the black magic and her health condition were not connected, but that a connection might be possible.

Even in Japan, in the 21st century, we sometimes do a kind of black magic, or pray negatively for people. This is of course very common in the Amazon and Africa where people still do this too.

Many people have experienced a kind of “homa” or fire ritual at shrines and temples in Japan, to pray for their dreams to come true. Actually we don’t know if this power is from someone’s sixth sense, or from the universal law, however we also do a kind of ritual where we place salt by the front door to protect us from negative energy.

This means that we know that sometimes our life or our health does not go well or will go well due to the power from an unknown energy. And also we want to use this unknown power to increase our luck and reject unlucky power.

Even in the 21st century we use this. Our ancient instincts are aware of this power even now. We try to bring this power into our daily lives.

In many cases, we rely on rituals at shrines and temples, but we also have good luck charms that we use. And as long as we have this good luck charm with us or in our homes, we feel that we are protected from negative energy.

Edgar Cayce recommends that we protect ourselves from curses and black magic by setting “our ideal” first. The determination or attitude that we have to move towards the ideal that we have set is necessary and sufficient to protect us from negative energy, even if someone tries to attack us using negative energy.

Edgar Cayce says that if someone tries to use negative energy against us, this energy cannot touch us, as long as we have our ideal. Don’t you agree that this is the strongest protection in the world? And best of all, it’s free! How powerful is this simple act of setting our ideal for our life.

Some years ago, I introduced a story from Edgar Cayce’s life. Edgar Cayce tried to discover oil to make money. He wanted to establish a clinic to give people treatment based on his readings, and so he thought that mining for oil in Texas would be a good way to come up with the money needed to do this. He tried to find oil, not for his own greed and purposes, he had a true and pure ideal of creating a hospital to help people who were suffering.

But unfortunately the people who he was dealing with did not share the same ideal, and so God tested the people involved. And in the end, Cayce was unable to find oil, even though his readings led him to a place that was supposed to have lots of oil. He later sold the land, and the new owner was able to find oil, and he experienced great wealth because he bought the business from Cayce.

The reason Cayce couldn’t find the oil despite the reading telling him where to look for it was because they couldn’t decide on a single ideal that they all shared. Each person had their own ideal. These ideals couldn’t be mixed together to create a single ideal which would then become the guiding star to hope and peace.

Cayce said that in the Apocalypse of John, John said that it was very important to have a spiritual ideal. This “ideal” is similar to a mission, vision, or life goal, however it is a little different. The ideal which Cayce recommend is truly a guiding star, that will always be there for us, keeping us strong and moving ahead.

Cayce recommended that we have three ideals: spiritual, mental, and physical.
If you are interested to know what Cayce’s ideals were, please read "A Search for God".

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