A poet, Mr.Shinmin Sakamura

Last week, I went to Ehime prefecture.
I visited a museum dedicated to a famous poet, Mr.Shinmin Sakamura, in Japan. I found some English translations of his poems and so I want to introduce those to you.

I read his book and I was surprised to read that he woke up around midnight, at 12:30am or at the latest 2:30am, before the sun came up - in fact, this is around the time I go to bed! He had woken up at this time since he was about 8 years old. When he was 8 years old, his father died suddenly. At that time his mother asked him to collect the first water of the day from the well for the father's alter. This became his work - to go to the well each morning before sunrise. Since then he woke up very early morning.

He said that at midnight to around 3:30am is a very important and precious time because of the vibration. He said that everyone should experience this, and that it is a shame that many people do not ever experience it. Throughout his life he was tough on himself and wanted to live as a good Buddhist. He wanted to be the best person he could be. I was really impressed by his life story.

Here are the poems I'd like to introduce:

Man must die
but once.
The sun must set
once a day.
Light must change
into darkness once and again.
This is what the cosmos has been teaching us.
To truly recognize this
will lead you to the path of understanding
almost everything in the cosmos.

As Long As the Earth Exists

As long as the earth exists
the dandelion will keep
coming out in bloom.
As long as the earth exists
the cricket will keep
chirping here and there.
Even if no man exists
on the earth any longer
the dandelion will keep coming out in bloom,
and the cricket will keep chirping here and there.
They are just like little angels
my prayer,
my wish,
and my dream to Him.

by legacyofcayce | 2014-02-25 17:44 | article