Mr. David Atkinson (Ex ALS patient)

I'd like to introduce a DVD that we produced 10 years ago.

We interviewed Mr. David Atkinson, who used to suffer from ALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). His symptoms started when he was 54 and within several months, he couldn't move - he couldn't even roll over on his side when lying on his bed by himself.

However, he started Edgar Cayce for ALS and his symptoms gradually lessened. And when I met with him in Arizona he had flown there by airplane by himself. He was able to walk, talk, and eat by himself.

In this interview we talk about what he did for his medical treatment and what he did as Cayce treatments. This is not a "how to" video about how to use the Cayce remedies. He is talking more about the mental and spiritual aspects. In particular, he said it is very important to have a good mental attitude and have hope for the future. He also talks about spiritual study.

When I met him, 10 years ago, naturally he didn't look like a healthy person. He spoke very slowly, and he had to eat with great concentration as it was very hard for him to swallow. While he was suffering from ALS he was unable to eat or drink through his mouth, so he still needed to take care when eating.

However, he said that he may look like an unhealthy person, but in fact his health is very good, he is able to do everything by himself and is enjoying his life. Before he had ALS he was a very successful businessperson, but afterwards he became a very spiritual person. One of the biggest effects of this disease is that it forces you to get in touch with your spiritual side and live more spiritually. The cure is not just about getting massages and other treatments. It's all about how you think and live each day.

Edgar Cayce gave only one reading for ALS patients unfortunately. So, we cannot compare many readings. But Cayce gave many readings on Parkinson's, and MS and other similar diseases, so if you are interested in these, you can read his reading on them.

The interview is in English, with Japanese subtitles. We hope this interview will give some hope for the ALS patients and their families.

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Mr.David wrote a book "Hope Springs Eternal: Surviving a Chronic Illness"

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