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Junichiro NIRASAWA, born in Nigata in 1945, is the president of Tama Publishing and a watcher of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. Since witnessing a UFO in his childhood, he has been pursuing ufology including fieldworks both at home and overseas. He is presently active in magazines and on TV program such as “TV tackle”, debating as a yea-sayer of paranormal phenomena, especially UFOs and space people.

Naoko MITSUDA(NM): Tama Publishing continues to issue books about Edgar Cayce, and is the indispensable company to tell about Cayce. First, could you tell me how Tama Publishing moved into Cayce’s books, and about the memories when you joined the company?

Junichiro NIRASAWA(JN): The initiation of Tama Publishing is April, 1969, and I joined in September of that year. You know the book “the Secret of Reincarnation” (the original English title is “Many Mansions”). Tama Publication Group, the predecessor of Tama Publishing, had already formed in association with that book. “The Secret of Reincarnation” had already published then under the title of “The Window Has Opened”.

NM: That means your company also issued “the Secret of Reincarnation” as the title of “The Window Has Opened”.

JN: On the colophon page of our first book, the issued date is May 1, 1969. It makes sense that Tama Publishing began in April, and issued this book in May. But the publication date is covered with a sticker, and you can see “issued on April 1, 1966” from the reverse side.

Because Tama Publishing hadn’t started yet in 1966, Tama Publication Group should have issued this book. In reality, it was issued in 1966 by Tama Publishing founded in 1969.

NM: It wasn’t a typographical error, was it?

JN: No, it wasn’t. Tama Publishing already had been organized then. At first Info co. published the first edition of “The Window has opened”, and our company has issued from its second edition. The founder president URITANI was eager to sell this book, and Tama Publication Group bought its block and copyright from Info co.

Since that company didn’t have enough sales forces, we kept and sold a certain amount of the books. As comparing both editions, you can see letters and others are exactly the same because of typographical printing. With changes of first and last expository writings, Tama Publishing issued the second edition using the same block.

In 1985, I re-edited and issued this book under the title of “the secret of reincarnation”.

NM: So, what my brother (Shigeru MITSUDA, the president of the Edger Cayce Center in Japan) read was the former edition. So as I, because I was a junior-high-school kid when reading this book for the first time. At the time you joined the company, approximately how many employees were there?

JN: There weren’t any other employees. After joining the company, I had been the only employee for a long time.

NM: Is it true the former president Mr. Uritani and you hawked books using a two-wheeled cart at that time?

JN: A two-wheeled cart would have been better, if we had sold so many. In fact, we carried books in small baskets or cardboard boxes with a small car.

NM: Did you go around bookstores?

JN: No, not bookstores. You know, there were gatherings everywhere such as spiritual associations. Such kind of religious groups tend to have monthly meetings, so we went there and sold some books like a bookstall.

NM: So, had you already published some other books as well as “the secret of reincarnation”?

JN: Yes, several kinds of books. We sold the books of other publishers on a commission basis. Also, we had published our magazine “Tama” in the days of Tama Publication Group.

NM: 1966 was so early to publish spiritual magazines, wasn’t it?

JN: We tried to enlighten people.

NM: The second issue of the magazine “Tama” has already the feature story on flying saucers. “Saucers Fly Also Today”…

JN: The writers of “Tama” were an impressive lineup, such as a cartoonist Soji YAMAKAWA, and the former Governor of Tokyo Shintaro ISHIHARA. Unexpectedly, Mr. Ishihara likes paranormal phenomena. He did research on every religious group and wrote his work “Chimata no Kamigami (Gods on the Street)”, which became a bestseller. Our founder president also used to investigate religious kind of things, but could not be satisfied. So he launched de-religion, that is so-called “spiritual world”.

NM: I heard that Mr. Uritani is the person who started to use the word “spiritual world” in Japan…

JN: Yes, he did. It was the time when publishing the book named “Business Future Book”. Five people including the KYOCERA founder Mr. Kazuo INAMORI and Yukio FUNAI wrote this book. We also started up “Tama Business Research Group” in 1987.

NM: I often went to “Tama Business Research Group”. It was located in Takadanobaba, Tokyo and I helped your seminars at the front counter. Around the foundation of Edgar Cayce Center in Japan in 1993, we often borrow your seminar room. In those days Tama Publishing had many young employees, and I felt so vibrant. Also, you began to appear on TV pretty often as a popular editor.

I only know Tama Publishing from that age, so please tell me how and why you joined the company.

JN: I graduated from university at the year Tama Publishing founded. Once I worked at a stationary maker in relation to my family business. But I quit after six months, because I felt it was not what I should do. Around the time when I quit that job, I met Mr. Uritani at a certain meeting. It was a six-mat room with a bare bulb. I encountered him there and got good vibes on our religious eyes and cosmic consciousness. He was recruiting employees, so I joined in September.

NM: Pardon my manners, but had you received your salary from the company then?

JN: I received 30,000 yen a month, but had not paid my pension premium for a long time. I had no choice but to pay my health insurance expense by myself. It was many years later when we could join our employee pension, but it couldn’t be helped. The only employee was I, and the former president had a variety of part-time jobs. Of course I also worked a second job for years.

NM: Even so, you didn’t quit because Tama publishing is an attractive company.

JN: That was all I wanted to do. Actually, I had organized a kind of national college association of UFO research groups since my college days. One of my friends then is Mr. Moriwaki, presently a head of UFO Party. Being in philosophy department at Hosei University, I had an office and issued many journals. So I already had some experience in editing.

Five or six years later Mishima suicide affair occurred, and right after that Uri Geller visited Japan for the first time. At that time we published the book “Fourth Dimension Science in Soviet Union Zone”, and it was introduced on TV. Tama Publishing of the day was located in Ichigaya, Tokyo, and Nippon TV; Junichi Yaoi (Japanese another famous ufologist) belonged to, be on the other end of the bridge. So we made a connection with him, and our book introduced on TV became a bestseller. From then our company eventually became to go well.

NM: So, “Fourth Dimension Science in Soviet Union Zone” is the first bestselling book of your company.

JN: Right. And then the book of Nostradamus prophecy, and “The Third Choice” coauthored with Mr. Yaoi, also became bestsellers.

NM: I read your blog recently; your future predictions written in “The Third Choice” are so great. We can say the predictions of population and environmental problems around 2010 are accurate.

See also: “Climate Change Prediction on The Third Choice” on April 26, 2013 in Mr. Nirasawa’s blog post

JN: That book was what we collected various kinds of scientific data. Apparently they look like unbelievable scenes, but we dramatized based on actual data. Our original intension was the problem of global warming.

NM: It has been said global warming is the problem, but with a bird-eye analysis, the Earth is becoming cooling…

JN: From a meteorological viewpoint, the Earth is close to glacial age. Though humans spread global warming gas over the Earth, and as a result the Earth is getting warm. On the other hand, the rhythm of the Earth is becoming cold. Heat waves clashing with lower temperature occur climate change these days. We actually face to these realities; the rhythm of four seasons goes out of tunes, marine resource changes because tides move differently, and weathers are broken.

NM: To be exact, what year was “The Third Choice” published?

JN: In 1982. After that, 1999 prophesied by Nostradamus came closer. In association with that, Edgar Cayce was picked up on Nippon TV’s program “Shitteru tsumori? (Do you really know?)” as a special feature, and Cayce’s books became hits.

NM: I remember well at that time. Come to think of it, recently there are no TV programs of ghosts and invisible worlds even in summer.

JN: In old days such fields could be treated as a kind of romanticism, but now it is getting so severe. Because politics and conspiracy theories are deeply related to those fields, media is reluctant to pick them up.

So, it is becoming difficult and delicate to tell where the truth ends. The reason is; if we put science, phycology, natural science, politics and economy all together, still can’t reach the depth of spirituality. The information given by Cayce is just connected to that depth. Then, nobody can tell where the truth ends, or what kind of rules are there. Cayce can’t appear in school textbooks because academic communities and governments can’t touch. In consequence, it is hard also for media to deal with. But we also can say that the age of Cayce and spirituality has come.

This book was published just one month before Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (311), and presently it is my grand sum. I introduced that entitled “Why Space people have come to the Earth?” to the outer world. When this book was hot off the press, 311 occurred and I am convinced we have entered “the age” just now. After the publication of this book, yearend TV shows such as “TV tackle” gradually can’t treat this theme regardless of commercial or state-run TV broadcasting.

NM: TV programs used to treat the photos of UFOs were taken, someone saw aliens, or whether ghosts exist or not. But one day I turned on TV, the subject became the conspiracy theory of aliens, or the some governments signed secret agreements. When the topic advanced at once, we lost our sense of reality like reading science-fiction novels.

JN: We can do anything using CG at the present day. So we can’t define real ghost photos. It is becoming difficult to find out what is real or fake. Every TV show seems to be faking, and we lost our dreams.

NM: For something different a bit, when the author of “The Secret of Reincarnation” Gina Cerminara came to Japan, I heard Mr. Takanori FUKUDA (a specialist of Cayce healing art) cared for her at the first visit, and you did at the second visit. Do you remember about that? I also saw a Gina’ s photo along with Mr. Akihiro MIWA (Japanese popular singer and actor).

JN: Right after coming to Tokyo for college, I went to AZ Company founded by Mr. Rin JUBISHI (the person who introduced Edgar Cayce to Japan). Mr. Takanori FUKUDA was a clerk there. I remember it well.

Mr. Miwa on that photo is when he was singing “The Song of Yoitomake”. Mr. Miwa says he is the reincarnation of Shiro AMAKUSA (the young leader of the Battle of Shimabara in the early Edo period). I intended to introduce Gina to him, who has the memories of previous lives and also is a talented entertainer. I remember I covered this story in the magazine “Tama”. Gina wanted to see Japanese Geisha, so we also went to Atami. But she didn’t have any lectures.

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