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NM: Tama Publishing has a deep relation to Cayce, as you invited Gina and published “the Secret of reincarnation”. What does Cayce mean to you?

JN: The first Cayce book I read was maybe “The Miracle Person” translated by Rin Jubishi. I guess when I was a junior-high-school kid. At first that book was issued from AZ Company founded by Mr. Jubishi. He also established ARE Japan branch along with the startup of AZ Company around 1958. That company published approximately 15 ARE books, but it didn’t last so long. The copyrights of those books were sold to Kasumigaseki Publishing, and many books had just the initial print runs. But after reading a Cayce book around the startup of AZ Company, as if I was destined to have the relationship with Mr. Jubishi.

Cayce told me the philosophy of reincarnation. Thanks to Cayce’s books, I realized the goal of my life.

NM: Speaking of you reminds us UFOs. Have you ever checked Cayce’s Readings about UFOs?

JN: Yes, I’ve checked some. It was in 1992 when our company hosted first tour to ARE.

NM: I joined. You were the leader of that tour.

JN: I went there as a leader of that tour, but also our company contracted over 20 publication rights of ARE books. But about ten books haven’t published yet. I gave the list to Shigeru and have repeatedly pressed, but he made little headway. I also asked the translation team of Cayce Center, and also Mr. Fukuda. Shigeru also hasn’t translated the series of Cayce’s lecture yet, because it includes many readings and difficult to translate. Shigeru doesn’t move even if I keep pushing him, so I’ll wait patiently.

When I went to the US on the first tour, the topic of UFOs also made a unique progress. There was the meeting regarding UFOs in the UN. Along with the data of this meeting, one ARE librarian knew I was a ufologist, and gave me several photocopies of Cayce reading about UFOs. I am sorry I lost original photocopies when moving, but I remember their contents.

One of the readings is that long time ago lives were born on the Earth, and cosmic intelligences involved to live humans on the Earth. Another one is that in last days of Atlantis when the town named Poseidon was going to sink, they landed on current Yucatan Peninsula and saved people. This reading says cosmic intelligences visited the Earth to warn and save people.

NM: Do you mean they rode people on UFOs to save their lives? I remember the reading doesn’t say anything so concrete.

JN: Though I understood they gave warnings to the people living on Atlantis, it wasn’t written clearly whether they saved or not. But I remember there are several related readings.

Actually I have already faced this UFO subject before getting to know Edgar Cayce. It was in 1954 when I was in the third grade. There was an astronomical observation on a school ground in summer, and kids gathered to watch the moon and stars through a telescope. When staying there, a big star approached from the horizon and vanished near the zenith. In those days we had no artificial satellites, and I was so curious even as a boy. After spending a lot of time wondering, I concluded that a spaceship flying straightway looked so because the Earth is round.

Around I was in the fifth grade, books about flying saucers began to be published. After becoming a junior-high-school kid, I started to read that kind of books and expanded my interest in not only UFOs but also space people. I also watched and observed stars every night on the roof.

When being a senior-high-school student, I belonged to a swimming club and went jogging with 30 other members after school. My hometown Nigata has a huge Echigo plain sweeping race fields away to the horizon, and we jogged to a mountain. A round trip was about 4km. While we jogged there, a sphere flying object often followed us. Its color was orange…

At that time I have already been well known as a UFO mania. I was a sub manager and always followed members by bike even when I didn’t jog. When a UFO appeared, someone said, “ call Nirasawa” and shouted for me riding a bike ahead. After I went back, that flying object kept following and suddenly disappeared. Then I returned on the way and went back to school, a silver stuff was moving smoothly above a mountain over there. This happened several time, and I was a person believed to call UFOs. Right after entering a college, I started up a nationwide organization.

NM: Without Internet unlike now, how could you build up a nationwide organization?

JN: There were already several UFO research groups. Also, Mishima and many science fiction writers wrote works about flying saucers. Both professional writers and private UFO groups were so active. What I started up was an intercollege organization including universities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Waseda. In cooperation with each other, these universities were doing research on UFOs.

NM: What kind of research was it?

JN: Introducing oversea information, examining cases in Japan…

NM: How did you get that information?

JN: Many books and journals were issued. Both oversea and domestic information were so much then. One day the head of a UFO group introduced Mr. Jubishi and recommended to meet him during the summer vacation of my freshman year. When I visited Mr. Jubishi, he already quit his publishing company and started a new activity. Around 20 young people were there. What they did was to inherit Meher Baba’s teaching, and to organize the group assimilating all what is so-called spiritual paranormal phenomena using Baba’s method. Also, the thoughts of Subud and Yamagishi were included. Mr. Jubishi went around all those groups, and headhunted some members and start up another group.

Meher Baba (Wikipedia link)

NM: Was it a kind of religious discipline group?

JN: Yes, it was. I joined that group and lived communally. For everyday conversation, we had to telepathize there. All the communication was without saying anything.

NM: Did you go to college then?

JN: It was in summer vacation, and I kept staying on after that...

NM: You said you had telepathized, but couldn’t do so soon even when belonging to that group.

JN: I was already absorbed in telepathy then. Telepathy is a principle, and it is also both reading and channeling. We were trained the original points of remote viewing developed by US forces. Along with those three groups, another reason of using telepathy was the existence of Mr. Jubishi’s teacher. The teacher didn’t stay there, but it is said that he/she was actually a Venusian. A self-proclaimed Venusian, though.

Although I didn’t meet that person, the method was truly the way of living based on telepathy and extrasensory perception of humans. It is said Indian ascetics practice like that, traveling all over the world. We also travelled all over Japan, such as someone in Tokyo telepathized a peer in Osaka and met somewhere in Nagoya (being located in the middle of Tokyo and Osaka). It was a part of our training. If either of us made a mistake, we couldn’t meet each other.

NM: You were so serious, weren’t you?

JN: Yes, I was. So I felt that the length of a day was about a month.

NM: When I heard of it before, you said you got so tired then because you could recognize the situation of the world and every second was too thick.

JN: That’s it.

NM: But I think if being interested in telepathy and reading some books, it isn’t necessarily the same that you actually can telepathize. When joining that group, could you already communicate telepathically?

JN: Adamski wrote three books of philosophy. The one translated to Japanese first was entitled “Telepathy”. I read when being a senior-high school student; I realized that this was true in my very deep level. The impression was so strong, but I couldn’t understand it by only reading this book. The principal of telepathy is to recognize personally the power of the Creator in the universe, and the book told me about that verbally. Even though I couldn’t understand, tried to recognize between the lines and realized what the principal was. Reading books and learning by trial and error, I was aware of reaching the point of “Oh, this is it.”

NM: I heard in that training group people never touched money. Was it in an effort to block a kind of worldly thoughts attached on money?

JN: Of course there’s that. In addition, Indian Meher Baba and other ascetics didn’t need money. This topic was written in the book “The Resurrection of Jesus and Journey to the East”, recently published by us.

NM: Is it written the way of living without using money in this book?

JN: It isn’t exactly the same as what I said now, but I think you can understand about that after reading this book. What did Christ try to say throughout his life? The figure of Christ in this book is totally different from his image of Roman Catholic. But what Christ did was written according to actual archaeological research.

One of the highlights of this book is that Christ didn’t die on the cross. He was alive and went to Turkey and India. And he influenced Muslims and Hindus. The Virgin Mary accompanied with him, and the book tells their footprints.

NM: Cayce said Jesus learned in Essene from his childhood to become a spiritual leader, and had far to go to Egypt and India receiving various spiritual teachings in his teens. The opinion that Jesus wasn’t dead on the cross is different from Cayce readings, but I can understand there are some footprints all over the world even though the time is different.

JN: This book tells that Jesus actually said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”(Matthew 19-24) Also on the book of Adamski, there is the same thing. This is just the same as what a Venusian taught our training group.

NM: So, did you think, “I know, I know” when reading this book?

JN: It wasn’t the level of “I know”, but I felt “that’s it!” But this way of living can’t be applied on the Earth. All the life cycles and values on the Earth depend on money, and it is very difficult to change that.

NM: I recall you almost starved and left the group, didn’t you?

JN: No, I wasn’t starving but suffered from malnutrition at last. When I could neither spending money nor using the ability, couldn’t eat anything.

NM: I see. When you could use the ability, foods were gravitated. But when you were tired and hungry, couldn’t use the ability and got hungrier…

JN: There was a graduate of philosophy department, Kyoto University, an apprentice geisha from Kyoto, and a Singaporean. There were approximately 20 people including male and female, a newborn baby and infants. At last they spent all the money and had difficulty paying their rent. Finally they got kicked out of the house, turned adrift and began to roam. Mr. Jubishi’s fate in the future will be the man you met.

NM: When I met in his later life, he was already calm and quiet. But I’ve heard of the heroic acts of his youth. He not only got drunk and disorderly, but also was detained by police.

JN: His way of fight was mystical in a sense. It was a kind of martial arts. Mr. Jubishi’s approaches, pursuing something beyond the dogmas of the Earth, were so powerful. That’s why he spent that kind of life. What he pursued was pure and meaningful, but his life was a very severe as a result.

NM: Maybe it didn’t fit the rules of the Earth. Also I heard that Mr. Jubishi was so popular with women. I only met him in his last days, so just wonder why he fascinated so many women.

JN: It was also a kind of mystical power. In other words, he transcended the adhesion to the physical things. It seems that love can be easily broken by property and honor, but it depends whether people touch real love or not. Mr. Jubishi’s life looks so desperate through an objective perspective, but I was committed to there and feel that his life overlapped Jesus’ footstep written in the book I introduced earlier.

NM: It was only about six months, but do you still have the afterglow of dense, telepathic life with Mr. Jubishi?

JN: Yes, I do. But I think everybody has a telepathic kind of sense. As Cayce’s readings also say, cell division always undergoes in human bodies. In spite of same molecular cells, they don’t understand the mechanism of building up our hands and feet. But they have a kind of feeling to build up. The idea of cutting-edge biology has it that certain “field” exists. The energy of its field is what we really are. The movement of real selves is considerably far from our egos. People who are good at listening to the voices of our real energy can be pretty different from those who aren’t. Cayce had the ability that was close from the source of real selves. That’s why he could take not only life readings but also many physical readings.

NM: Moving back to the subject of UFOs a bit, some people often see UFOs and others don’t at all. Why are there both people who see and those who don’t?

JN: There is the technique that our bodies can be invisible to others. We learned at the time of ascetic training, and can do anything when being invisible.

NM: Is it an invisible man?

JN: Yes, we practiced to become invisible. In fact, it is the technique to control the recognition of people looking at me. In other words, to erase their memories. I had almost all the training and experiences of usual spiritual phenomena in Mr Jubishi’s group.

NM: Is it easy to walk on water?

JN: Might be. I often experienced the phenomena of spirits and precognitions. The phenomenon of telegnosis also happened.

NM: What do you mean “the phenomenon of telegnosis”, not seeing with clairvoyant power?

JN: Because drawing the attention of police, we were always followed both collectively and individually. At Japanese inns while traveling, they were always in the room close to us. We could recognize it using our telegnosis without looking for them. Under those kinds of circumstances, I tried to shake off our shadows using the technique of mind control. Consequently, our senses were developed very well.

For example, some people were walking with a leader in fields and forests for their training. To be strange, leaders kept away from bugs and followers got bitten. Some people with higher vibration seem to be different from others. People in front of the line were well-honed, and others reluctantly followed. It was really unaccountable why bugs only targeted followers.

NM: What kind of training did you actually do? Did you meditate also?

JN: Meditation is fundamental. We also practiced Indian specific training to open our third eyes. More importantly, the key is staying in that kind of field all day and night. As a result, we could acquire the abilities such as out-of-body experiences, cosmic travels, telegnosis and precognitions.

NM: Didn’t you learn anti-aging method there?

JN: No, I didn’t. Mr. Jubishi also passed away. However, it is said that humans can live for 800 years or so under careful control. It is too much stressful on this Earth, though.

NM: It is better to renew our bodies after becoming old, isn’t it? The Old Testament tells us people of the days lived for some centuries. For example, though Abraham and Sarah lived for so many years, they got passed the age to have their children and cried over in the middle decades of life. I want to renew my body in good time rather than living for centuries as an aged person.

JN: No, some space people’ files show that their age is several centuries, but the bodies are around 20 years old.

NM: How many hours a day do they have there? I don’t want to live for 800 years in the time axis of this Earth. I was already sick and tired of living here for 80 years more.

JN: So, it is important how to live a long time. We don’t have that point of view. People presently regard retirement as the end of their lives.

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