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NM: Coming back to what you were saying earlier, did a Venusian teach Mr. Jubishi that training method?

JN: Yes, he learned the same training from a Venusian. A couple of seniors directly met that Venusian. I exchanged letters with some people after the break up of the group, and it was interesting to hear from some original members. It took long time to recover the ordinary sense after coming back to my parents’ home. For about six months or so. But after I was just thinking about someone at my parents’ home, that person definitely visited me. I kept bringing people to my side for a long period.

NM: On the Earth it is a given fact that humans have only bodily sensation, and don’t have sixth sense. But like you in the past, if it will be a given fact that humans telepathize and communicate nonverbally, or become invisible, our experiences on the Earth must drastically change. Also, time doesn’t go on one-way street but exists all together in parallel worlds; our perspective of history will change.

JN: Yes, it will. Although we feel like understanding anything verbally in the world of spirituality, entities are human cells. Human cells are usually separated from sense of self, but we can make use of Cayce’s teaching trying to integrate sense of self into human cells.

The encounters with UFO always make spiritual impacts, or set up phenomena making spiritual impacts. Because they accompany something beyond the explanation of the Earth’s natural science, our governments can’t get published.

Humans tend to rely on psychic power, but it ruins present civilization on the Earth. US forces figured it out in 1960’s, and they got Space Laws that can be accepted internationally. To put it plainly, it is the road traffic law on space development. It is considered that humans have to promote space development according to that law. One of the articles of that law prohibits humans from going to the moon and independently taking over some area. However, the main subject of Space Law is what we should do when encountering extraterrestrial intelligences.

The graduate school of Hitotsubashi University used to have the class teaching Space Law, and the textbooks included how to contact intelligences in three categories, those were civilizations of higher level, almost the same, and lower than us. In the case of higher civilizations, they should be completely excluded and can’t approach the Earth. We can negotiate the intelligences of the same level, and govern those from lower civilizations. Detailed rules are regulated like that.

When encountering the intelligences of higher civilizations, normal people would enshrine God in them and be dependent. As a result, people couldn’t make decisions and get confused when being betrayed or given up by higher intelligences. Native Americans experienced the same thing. They were almost swallowed up by the power of Europe in the Age of Discovery colonizing other countries one after another.

In another area, people from a higher civilization taught aboriginal inhabitants that it is embarrassing to be naked in public, and gave them clothes. But aboriginal inhabitants took into river wearing clothes and remained wet. After that, they got down with the flue and became extinct. These kinds of experiences can happen to our whole civilization of the Earth, and are applied to the fundamentals of Space Law. Therefore, US forces made a decision in 1960’s and have kept disguising UFO affairs.

Contemporary civilization we have been enjoying is based on modern democracy and science that originated with European Renaissance. However, it has a number of defects. The civilization of Native Americans in both North and South America has many hints that can make up for the defects. They are the descendants of the people in Atlantis, and space people used to set foot there. Space people also had influenced much to the civilization of Atlantis, and they lived together with humans in some places until recently. Also, they had their own bases that were unearthed recently like ancient monuments. The data and information are included in the book titled “You’ve already met space people” issued by MEISOU Publishing.

In recent years people on the Earth have started space defense and formed the impression of aggressive aliens for the definite blocking with extraterritorial intelligences. Along with that kind of operational units, US government has analyzed the technology from the parts of crushed UFOs and launched their own ones. In these 20 years we have had both staged and real UFO incidents. Also, semiconductors were inspired from crushed UFOs in Roswell. Semiconductors are what Pentagon picked up the parts of Roswell Incident and had Bell Operating Company researching. Applying those to computers, our civilization has already absorbed space technology. In the case of nuclear problems, I have written in my book “Why Space people have come to the Earth?”

Next, I will talk about Cayce’s reading 3976-15. This reading is pretty long, but has been introduced fragmentally in many books. This has a well-known prophecy of Japan sinking.

NM: It says that the Angel Halaliel appeared and predicted…

JN: I think we have to review what kind of existence Halaliel is, but that reading was taken in 1934, several years before Second World War. The reading is so enigmatic from the overall standpoint. It was the time when Hitler started to get involved in politics; Cayce called him the “young king son” in Central Europe, but going to naught eventually. He also looked ahead to the rise of China and Japan, and the death of US president Roosevelt of the day. In addition, he predicted the uncovering and proclaiming of “records of the law of One in Atlantis” under the feet of sphinx in Egypt.

However, in that Reading the largest space was devoted to tell that a certain person was supposed to appear in the US soon. That means he would appear there in 1930’s. It says he is John Penial, but we can’t figure out Penial is whether a personal or a place name. Originally appearing in Book of Genesis, Penial is the place Jacob met God face to face. Who is John Penial? The reading says that he should be very important person in 30’s in the US, but we still can’t have found out who he is. Even Cayce Foundation in the US haven’t identified yet.

This reading also gives the prophecy of the world’s big move, such as the shift of the poles; the physical changes will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds, and things like that. A mix of factors are involved here, so I want to organize at some stage how that reading links to current climate change, the sign of cosmic scale shift, and the appearance of space people and UFOs.

The worldwide large increase of UFO appearances is occurring as a big historical phenomenon. Our governments can’t submit comments to make convincing explanations, though. UFO phenomena link to the breaking point of our civilization here on the Earth. The more cars using oil fuel increase and resources will be exhausted, the more global warming being accelerated and climate change getting severe. The Reading influenced a lot, as some people wondered if the big shift had already started in 50’s, or associated Nostradamus with the world’s catastrophe in 1999. That reading also inspired “Japan Sinks” written by Sakyo KOMATSU. Actually that prophecy hasn’t come true, but I feel it is taking a definite meaning after a dozen years from the beginning of 21st century. Now I’m under investigation dealing with these kinds of subject.

NM: Don’t you receive various prophecies or future information?

JN: Yes, we receive a number of channeling-related information. Its accuracy is 70% at best, and 50% or less at worst. Our publishing company is a depot of that kind of information. Almost all the authors of our books are psychics, who control various organizations. I have received much benefit thanks to them.

Also about 311, I was warned many times right before that. When I received a call saying “there will be an earthquake soon”. Although nobody believed that and I also said, “I’m not so sure”, within no more than ten minutes we really had an earthquake in Tokyo. Two days before 311. On March 11 when we couldn’t go home and stayed at the company, I remembered there was a list of future earthquakes that person gave me. While I read that, aftershocks occurred every few minutes and all of them were on the list.

NM: So, the predictions of that list came true.

JN: I don’t think we can really say so. That is, the list said there would be bigger earthquake and Mt. Fuji would erupt. The author who predicted earthquakes game me calls many times to say Tokyo would be hit by a stronger one. So on the day of prediction, I woke up early and went to the open space designated as an evacuation center in my neighborhood. But nothing happened then.

Predictions tend to come true in the beginning. Psychic surgeries can also make successful. I think psychics can’t use their abilities after being evaluated and getting money or physical things. Predictions easily come true a couple of times, but don’t after that. I think because it becomes difficult to eliminate worldly thoughts and clear their minds. Cayce even had a blunder in oil well drilling.

NM: Pardon me to standing up for Cayce’s oil well drilling. In that case it had already been warned in a reading that they couldn’t discover oil unless the ideal of the people working together would have unified. Nevertheless, the ideal of the people didn’t unify after all. So it doesn’t mean that the prophecy failed to come true. In fact, right after Cayce sold the right of drilling oil well to another person, oil gushed from there and he built a fortune.

JN: That means everything is related to each other. Psychics, especially foreign ones, tend to stop their powers and become ineffective after earning lots of money. In the book “The Resurrection of Jesus and Journey to the East”, Jesus acted up to his purity to the end. But it is hard to act up to our own believes with nothing. Now is the time to learn more what the original human condition should be communicating cross-culturally with space people. That reading also says about the Armageddon in the Apocalypse, and what it is. At this very moment, that situation has developed. It is difficult to translate the reading, and the Japanese one on the web site is mistranslated in the details. “MANY are present” is translated to “many spiritual existences are approaching” in Japanese. But “MANY” means a number of embodied existences here, and I think Mr. Jubishi would translate so. Therefore, “MANY” doesn’t mean spiritual ones in a strict sense.

The sentence “then know ye the Armageddon is at hand” follows in the reading. Maybe ordinary people can’t understand the meaning here, because this part is connected to UFO phenomena. Cayce’s son Hugh Lynn asked and set up to take that reading.

NM: In the last part of this reading, there is a question of “Is there any further counsel or advice for us gathered here, which will enable us to understand better our responsibility?”

JN: As the reading says “He, God, the Father, is present and manifest in that ye mete to your fellow man in thine own experience”; the answer is a fundamental rule. What it comes down to that we can’t advance further unless understanding the whole meaning of that reading.

NM: I feel that it is important to live for our spiritual growth, no matter how the world has changed or a big shift has been occurring.

JN: Yes, and the reading also recommends us to live in such a way of “He is not in heaven, but makes heaven in thine own heart, if ye accept Him”. Here is a key point and also a closing thought.

We have to think about why Cayce was born at that time and what he wanted to leave. Also, what kind of entity Halariel is. This reading includes interesting subjects. As may be expected of Cayce.

The last questions and answers of the Reading 3976-15

(Q) Is there any further counsel or advice for us gathered here, which will enable us to understand better our responsibility?
(A) All gathered here in the name of God who is the Father, to those that seek to know His ways - and who is as something outside the veil of their understanding unless sought, even as the counsel of the Father, of that God-Mother in each soul that seeks to know the biddings; not as one that would reap vengeance but rather as the loving, MERCIFUL Father. For, as ye show mercy, so may the Father show mercy to thee. As ye show the wisdom, as ye show the love of thy fellow man, so may the love be shown, so may the wisdom, so may the guiding steps day by day be shown thee. Be ye joyous in the Lord, knowing that He is ever present with those that seek His face. He is not in heaven, but makes heaven in thine own heart, if ye accept Him. He, God, the Father, is present and manifest in that ye mete to your fellow man in thine own experience. Would ye know the Father, be the father to thy brother. Would ye know the love of the Father, SHOW thy love to thy faltering, to thy erring brother - but to those that seek, not those that condemn.

Translation: Mariko Tsuno

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