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NM: When have you started Reading Health Group?

TF: Since 1987. It was Mr. Yasuda that paid attention to my Cayce’s healing arts and established Reading Health Group. Because having leverage, he quickly started up that group and set up a lot of lectures everywhere.

It was in 1991 that Mr. Kataoka in Nagoya started up Edgar Cayce Health Group. I have been helped a lot from many people. Their start-ups were like only yesterday, but actually we have had more than 200 lectures for two decades.

NM: It was the ARE tour in 1992 when I met you for the first time. You were single back then and both of us are small in stature, so some of the tour members recommended me to have the marriage meeting with you.

TF: Somehow I sensed it. By the way, have you been influenced by your brother (Shigeru MITSUDA, the president of Edgar Cayce Center Japan) to be familiar with Cayce?

NM: Yes, I have. I had known Cayce since being junior high school kid, but have got deeply involved since the ARE tour in 1992.

Well, we looked back on your life briefly. What was the most appeal of Cayce that seized hold of your heart when working hard at Seicho-no-Ie?

TF: I thought that this is what humans are. Because having studied at Seicho-no-Ie for years, I was receptive by then. Despite many spiritual interpretations of the world were chaotic, Cayce’s story all makes sense. So it’s no mistake that this is true. In addition to that, Cayce’s healing arts are amazingly effective.

Holding caster oil packs up as an example, it is absolutely good for kidney inflammation and liver inflammation. Also, most of gallstones can be removed. I’m not sure that gallstones are whether removed or dissolved, though. I am so convinced with its effect anyway. Besides, caster oil packs are helpful for patients with mental disorder. It goes without saying that it is also good for mental disorder; patients are unlikely to do that on their own. They need to be supported with helpers. After applying packs together with helpers, patients will recover.

NM: It doesn’t mean that helpers force patients to put caster oil packs. How do helpers place packs on patients?

TF: Helpers put packs on their own bodies first. After that, helpers share patients how a pack is so wonderful and helpful for health. For example, I advise a mother, who wants to apply a pack to her daughter, to do it by herself first. And then, mother recommends her daughter that it is so good and let’s do it together. So her daughter tries a pack, and as result she will recover and return to her normal life.

Plus, a patient who was going to get gallstones taken out in an operation continued a pack for ten days and gallstones disappeared. I myself also had suffered from kidney stones since my teens. White stones were hitting in the toilet with crackling noise. When relieving myself on the ground, I tried not to be scattered about when young. It was so dramatic when my severe gallstones disappeared. Since gallstones staying for many years, some cells in my kidneys were not decayed but dead, that is called erosion. But all of my gallstones were removed in the bathroom of my patient’s home. They were so huge amount and could not be flushed easily. From that time, I’ve been fine for more than 30 years and forget about my kidneys.

NM: Oh, I didn’t know that you were also helped by Cayce’s healing art. When you started your clinic, I guess most of the people had no idea about Cayce and were reluctant to get oil massages and put packs. How did you explain about Cayce to your patients back then?

TF: Same as now. I am a big fan of Edgar Cayce, and he recommended caster oil packs. He also advised oil massages to the patients with each and every symptom. Packs and oil massages are so powerful hygiene. You can use some oil in the kitchen, and things like that. I wonder that many people are impressed to become fine after applying caster oil packs; they also become Cayce fans.

NM: Have the effects of Cayce’s healing arts spread gradually through word of mouth?

TF: Yes, they have.

NM: When I started Cayce’s healing arts 25 years ago, nobody around me massage their bodies using oil.

TF: I know what you are saying. Although Cayce’s readings advise to heat up our bodies and rooms for about 30 minutes before oil massages, actually we don’t need that. Have you ever got a massage at ARE headquarter in the US, Naoko?

NM: Yes, I have.

TF: They massage with long strokes taking time, but Cayce says that massages should be given along the line of backbone. Massages given at ARE is slightly different from Cayce’s. It is enough to massage along the line of backbone and affected areas. It takes 20-30 minutes or so for unskilled persons to massage, but skilled can finish only for several minutes.

I demonstrated my massage skill in a lecture also yesterday. Since I am “the specialist of consciousness”, my demonstration is the method to clarify our objectives, and to vitalize the vibration and the rhythm of love those are full to the brim in this universe. I’m not trying to cure patients themselves, but making sure where their affected areas are, and focusing to vitalize the vibration of love. For the purpose of curing patients’ stiff neck, foot, stomach, or thoracic spine, I can give a massage to another person. As it turns out that patients will recover.

The same can be said for castor oil packs. For example, a mother said, “My son has stayed only in his room for a dozen years or so.” “How old is your son?” “43 years old.” In this kind of case, I apply a caster oil pack and give a massage to the mother. In consequence, her son will recover and come out of his room. After a while, the mother will call me and say like this, “He began to work at an office.”

It would be a waste not to make use of Cayce’s spiritual advice such as vitalizing the vibration of love, you know. That’s what I want to say. I recently write about this again and again on the web for the information of the sick worldwide.

I stay here and cure the people all over the world. Although I repeatedly say and write so, people stay away from me saying such a strange thing. Even when someone recovers before their faces, people just think that it is what only I can do. Actually it isn’t true and everyone can do it.

Can I examine your body with my hand? The left side of your neck is a little stiff. So, I will have some tea. (Mr. Fukuda moves into action to have some tea.) How is your neck? All the stiffness hasn’t been removed, but you may feel your shoulder has become soft a little.

NM: I feel the right side of my neck is still stiff.

TF: Yes, the purpose was the left side of the neck, so only that side was vitalized. I just saw myself having some tea in my true light. When anyone and everyone calmly see themselves as large as life, they can vitalize the purposed sites of purposed persons. Now look here, clarify what your purpose is, and try to see objectively how the space one meter ahead of your face is. At the moment you stop thinking and just see yourself in your true colors, the vibration of purposed persons, purposed sites, or purposed events start to be vitalized. Your stiffness has now eased. Don’t you feel so? Oh, your neck got so softened.

NM: Oh, yes. Thank you so much.

TF: That kind of stuff. What is important is making a choice clearly to cure my sick self. I’m a Buddhist, but read a Bible and found it out that Jesus is a master of healing. He cured people so quickly. Although his ways of healing were slightly different of each in Gospel of Matthew, Luke and John, Cayce summed up in three questions. Are there any other sites you want to be treated?

NM: Because wearing braces, I also have stiff shoulders.

TF: Oh, I see. Your neck got stiff again. Particularly the left side is stiffer than right. Next, you say like this, “The left side of my neck is stiff. The left side of third cervical spine is stiff.” Now your purpose is clarified. The knack of healing is as follows: repeat next three questions, see how you feel, and answer “yes!” from the bottom of your heart.

The first question is “do you make a choice to work animatedly?” While asking this question, you just feel so. You felt so, didn’t you? The second question is “do you believe that love will work?”

NM: Yes, I believe that love will work.

TF: Yes, you felt so. The third is “do you let love work among people through yourself?”

NM: I let love work among people through myself.

TF: See, your neck got softened again. Because the vibration of love is vitalized, here, your stiffness is completely removed.

NM: (Loud laugh) Thank you so much!

TF: This is what I want to tell. You just make a choice to “cure” or “heal“, repeat three questions, and feel yourself in your true colors. It is absolutely true. All you have to do is asking the vibration of love to work for your purpose, and feeling yourself as it is.

NM: Feel myself as it is…I haven’t been convinced it yet, but going to practice from now. At any rate, it is so great that you are so fine at almost 80 years, and still providing care. What is the driving force behind your long years’ practice of Cayce’s readings from your teens upward?

TF: I have survived in all of prewar, wartime and postwar periods. Frankly, it has been so hard. When I was in trouble, Cayce said that humans are so wonderful beings and incarnations of love. When practicing Cayce’s readings, I clearly experience what he said. Oh, it’s great, or that kind of thing.

NM: I understand that Cayce’s spiritual side attracts you rather than treatments.

TF: Yes, it does. This present self, who sees objectively how I feel, is the vibration of love. Don’t you try this, Naoko? There is some essence of the herb named winter green inside of this container. This is a good tool to practice to see yourself from the third person. Cover the mouth of the container with your hands, and smell it through your nose and mouth.

NM: Oh, this is the smell of doctors. I’m going to choke on.

TF: Because some alcohol is included. Now, you just smelled winter green and alcohol. As I said before, see yourself from the third person next. In other words, meditate how you feel that smell. You don’t have to care the fragrance of winter green. At the moment that you see objectively how you smell, your treatment is over. Then, I will remove your other pain. You have some pain on your right arm.

Try to see yourself from the third person as I said. You don’t have to care the fragrance of winter green. How is it? You never choke on this time. What people of the world are doing is accusing something, like he or other persons are bad, something is wrong, my life or the world is the problem. It is so harsh because they just see the phenomena. But trying to see your harsh feeling from an outsider’s perspective, you can see that this also is the part of your wonderful life. Sadness and happiness are the opposite sides to the same coin. If you don’t have sad experiences, can’t understand what happiness is. Some time ago I experienced despair, but despair and hope are the opposite sides to the same coin. It is the same whether to experience despair or hope in the long run. That’s all. Here, you become painless, don’t you?

NM: Mr. Fukuda, you must be a wizard!

TF: Everyone says so. But I’m not a wizard, but a consciousness user. Also, the user of love vibration. Moreover, all of you can be the users of love vibration. You can try.

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