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NM: Thank you so much. After becoming free of pain, I continue to ask questions. I’m interested in your daily life. How do you usually spend a day?

TF: I like walking in mountains. So I live near mountains now. Since Cayce advises to bring up our children in nature, we moved when our kid was born. I’m a Cayce specialist at any rate.

NM: I’m interested in your daily life from waking up, as a model of Cayce specialist.

TF: I’m so happy to hear that. So, listen. I wake up in the morning. The beginning of the day is “I’m wonderful Takanori Fukuda, living in a wonderful world. How happy I am!” Did you see that I fully express joy now?

NM: Yes, I did.

TF: I also do it when going to bed. “I’m wonderful Takanori Fukuda, living in a wonderful world.” Look carefully. “How happy I am!” (Mr. Fukuda fully expresses joy raising his both hands and twisting his body.) Did you watch it? Though people don’t carefully look, did you notice that every part of my body was absolutely delighted?

NM: It is like all of your cells are fully delighted.

TF: Yes, it is. I express using my whole body, “I’m wonderful Takanori Fukuda!” This is clarifying our “ideal” that Cayce says.

Besides, I never do what goes against my ideal self every day. Take a look; I don’t get my elbow up even when having some tea. Also, I don’t reach for something there. I never put my elbow up for anything, and always move using my pelvis.

NM: Oh, I always reach for something.

TF: That’s why your shoulders are stiff. Attach an elbow on your body like this.

NM: It’s better to move using our entire bodies.

TF: It doesn’t strain your shoulders, doesn’t it? When doing something, I always use the center of my body. When taking stuff there, I use the center of my body and don’t put an elbow up. That’s why I don’t have any shoulder stiffness no matter how many hours to drive a car, or to use a PC.

NM: It is small difference between making a long arm and moving there.

TF: Making a long arm results in shoulder stiffness. It is a pain, isn’t it? I do nothing unpleasant. If wondering, “something bad is happening today”, you’ve chosen a bad life on that day. All of your life is your choices and experiences. So when waking up, I express thoroughly joy at any rate and say, “I’m wonderful Takanori Fukuda, living in a wonderful world.” People choosing something bad occurs, in fact they are having amazing experiences of finding bad news chosen by themselves.

Even I wrote these kind of things again and again, never be satisfied. I have a lot of things to give, so always encourage people visiting my clinic to take whatever they want to. But it is also important. People who give a lot of good things are those who also receive a lot of good things. This is a spiritual rule. So I wake up and express “I’m a wonderful existence, so give a lot of good things”, and walk in mountains for celebration.

According to Cayce’s advice, I have the breakfast of either citrus fruits or brown rice. Because I’m old and don’t eat much, usually have some citrus fruits. Then I come to my clinic.

I’ve already received some calls here today. There are many counseling on the phone. So that means that I receive life counseling for strangers on the phone. That’s why I can quickly recognize how is the conditions of your body and mind, for example.

Well, you adhere pretty much to your decision. You get easily angered, but believe that you should contain your temper. Or it’s better to say that you make a choice to do so. Cayce said 100 years ago that anger is important, you know. The repression of anger and stress causes rheumatism and arthritis. I can say all of their causes are that. Its solution is already clear. One of them is giving our full attention to the jobs and the roles chosen by ourselves. But Cayce also says that humans sometimes need to get angry.

I easily take offense so much. I become sweaty when being angry and also now. So I can’t wear a shirt under my white coat. I know it’s better to get angry, so I don’t hesitate to do so. But my wife, stuff and patients have never seen my affronted look. Everyone says that I never be upset. What? I stay angry all day long. Because anger has such a great power, people who don’t get angry have a disadvantage. So I recommend you to work with anger.

However, you can’t turn your anger on others. When you want to do so, try this. As I explained before, see yourself objectively while smelling the fragrance of your anger. Then you can feel how your anger is, and see what it is like. What I try to say is feeling the sense of unity. Enjoy the feeling of unity with your anger. Joy and anger are the opposite sides to the same coin. Because anger has such a great power, I always let myself be angry. So I can stay young except for my hair.

Finding that I’m short-tempered in my middle teens, I never do kinds of games. When playing Japanese chess or something, I was so fired up. That’s why I don’t watch sports. My wife doesn’t watch the Olympic either and our TV is silent even then. So athletes know well how to express their anger as the driving power. Ichiro acts like this every time of being up at bat. He is angry then like this, “I’ll crush the ball, for chrissake.” Who is Ichiro mad at? At neither the pitcher nor the opposing team. But he still feels and expresses his anger. Chubby sumo wrestlers also give fierce look in the match. All of those are the expression of their anger. I’m sometimes asked whom I am mad at, but can’t answer. I just see my anger objectively. People who take easily offense have all the advantages. So I don’t feel stressed at all.

However, releasing your anger on others, it is boomeranging back to you because people around the world are the same one consciousness and life. In short, we aren’t actually offended at others but at ourselves. But we can become so powerful after feeling anger inside. That’s why anger is wonderful.

As we talked about those kind of things, your shoulders have soften, haven’t they? Now you can understand that symptoms will ease up at my clinic. Once understanding it, people don’t have to come here. I spend a day like that and go home. In my neighborhood I walk in mountains for celebration. Whether celebrating God, others, or ourselves we can have exactly the same experience of celebration. That’s the life.

NM: Do you have a heap of salad for lunch as Cayce encourages?

TF: I will show you my lunch. I’m busy today and haven’t had it yet. I’m a specialist of Cayce, so this is the vegetable that he recommends. The name is mullein.

NM: And this is fleawort.

TF: I always pick some fleawort in mountains. Read the paragraph of mullein and fleawort in “Healing Arts Changing Your Life”. You can figure out I’m practicing it and still fine at 80 years old. Now you see my point.

I also have cabbages. Cayce advises to eat dark green leaves that doesn’t curl but open up. So we pick and eat cabbage leaves from outside before harvesting. Then the form of cabbage changes like this. People always ask what it is, and I answer every time.

NM: I saw this kind of cabbage form for the first time.

TF: I’m a complete specialist of Cayce.

NM: What do you have for dinner?

TF: Steamed vegetable for dinner. It’s up to date in Japan. In this season my wife steams three bunches of Japanese mustard spinach for me. I make it a rule not to eat big fish, so also have some dried whitebait and put mayo on because I love mayonnaise. And brown rice and clear soup. Of course I’ve gotten some gelatin for several decades as Cayce recommends. Gelatin is a must-eat item. This is my wonderful daily schedule.

NM: Can I ask you about your family a little bit? Do you discuss Cayce or lives with your son?

TF: I don’t talk about Cayce with him. It‘s all right for my son to live his own life. My theory is just saying to him, “turn to me when you’re in trouble.” Children of today are not only fed, clothed and housed, but also filled with entertainment. So they don’t have to worry, and be completely fulfilled. But when people are completely fulfilled, in fact not fulfilled at all. Because they don’t have any experiences not to be satisfied, also can’t realize whether being satisfied or not.

Japanese society is calm and stable compared with other countries. So young people don’t know they are really happy and rich. Most of my generation didn’t have enough foods and struggled so much to survive. It was so severe experience. That’s why I really appreciate to have enough foods.

NM: The last question I’d like to ask you what kind of feeling or hope do you have for Japanese people?

TF: I don’t request anything for whole Japanese, but have my own dream. I appeal to people to give back the Earth’s surface to other living creatures. For the purpose of that, humans don’t have to live deep underground thanks to the advance of science. People can live on greenery rooftops, develop the equipment offering beautiful scenery, and enjoy sunlight using the reflection of mirrors.

I’m curing people around the world staying here including mental problem. I sometimes receive US dollars. After curing unknown American man, he sent it to me. Being familiar with seeing ourselves objectively, anyone can become therapists. Once trying oil massages and caster oil packs, you can cure anyone else. Until shortly before death, humans can feel how the fact is and activate bodies and souls of the people all over the world. Yes, it is true.

If you have no experience feeling anxious, also can’t feel peace and easy. If you can’t feel sorrow, also can’t experience real joy. So I recommend you to feel all kinds of feelings.

In addition, you’d better realize what you’re actually doing at early stage in preparation for the second half of your life. In other words, don’t accuse, criticize or deny people including yourself.

I recently saw a tall mother on the street yelling and pulling her kid. She shouted, “Why did you do this?” This is also accusing, criticizing or denying. Since I was oldest of eight brothers and sisters, I know well that kids will do something wrong. Mothers should say, “It’s all right. I’m always on your side. You are a wonderful existence the way you are. Do well at nursery school. I’ll wait for you preparing nice dinner.”

You know Cayce’s way of manifestation. Parents said to their bed-wetting son before he goes to bed, “you are a brilliant existence, and becoming a leader when you grow up.” From that night his bed-wetting had completely cured. We should do that for all the children.

The mother whose son has stayed in his room for 13 years should enjoy caster oil pack and oil massage for herself and just express, “My life is so brilliant! So as my son.” Her son absolutely emerges from his room accordingly. My son also gripped his mother’s skirt and kept hold it when entering a nursery school. So I said according to Cayce’s way of manifestation, “My son is brilliant. He will be a person leading many people when growing up. Thank goodness.” As it turned out that my son said loudly from next morning to his teacher 10m away from him, “Good morning, teacher!”

You can do anything Cayce says, because it is all right. Thanks to continuing Cayce’s way of manifestation, I don’t mind so much about my son’s way of living. That’s why I don’t talk about Cayce with my son. I just continue to say my son is brilliant without a waver.

The same holds true for the future of Japan and the world. Ill news comes unsent for, but we have also plenty of good ones actually. In my opinion money economy is becoming stuck soon, though. In the near future all of us will understand that we can cooperate each other to live beyond the difference of origins, races or countries. When a country suffers from the shortage of foods, another makes an offer to give its surplus. Some maritime companies undertake to ship foods on their way, and other volunteers carry them to the port or something like that.

Moreover, the age of barter exchange is coming soon. In the case someone is given something, they don’t have to give back or pay. Only the records such as giving and receiving retain. When some say we’re hard up for something, others having surplus just send it. I think the world like this is coming before long. Yes, it’s true. For such occasions, we’re going to being connected by an extensive network. In that world, people worldwide share all the information of each person. Since the entire world is actually myself, collaboration and cooperation should be humans’ living experience. I hope that kind of things.

Based on this wisdom, therapies are also so easy. When someone says, “I have a stomach trouble", another offers, “I’ll apply caster oil pack on my own”. After I put caster oil pack here, 10 or 20 people on the other side of the world become well. You’d better believe it. See, all of us are living the same unitary self together.

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Translation: Mariko Tsuno

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