To catch a wave

While Mark Ainley, our Feng Shui teacher, was in Tokyo, I asked him how many students and consultants have trained with him in Canada? And he replied that he needed to focus on his father during the last few years while he was sick. He also had to cancel some classes when his father was ill so he could only teach a few students in Canada. Also, in western countries, only a few people know about Feng Shui. He said that in Japan he has had his biggest classes compared to other countries around the world. He told me that he needs a promoter like Naoko (me) in Canada and around the world.

For me, I always find it very strange and wonderful the people that we meet in our lives!

Looking back it seems to me that there was only a small chance that I would end up holding Mark's seminars on an ongoing basis in Tokyo.

In the beginning, my English teacher introduced Mark to me, and I had a consultation at my home and at the Temple Beautiful shop. At that time, I had no idea that I would hold his workshops in Tokyo. We need a lot of energy and work to hold seminars by foreign speakers in Tokyo, and at that time I didn't have a lot of energy to put into the project of holding a foreign speaker's workshops.

What changed was when I attended his workshop, there was a registration limit of 10 people in this small workshop. It was held in Daikanyama and Mark's client was hosting the workshop.

When I received the information about the workshop, I had no intention of attending it because it was being held on a Saturday afternoon, and at the time it was really hard for me to take time off from my shop on a Saturday afternoon, so I thought it would be impossible to attend his workshop.

Then just two days before, for some reason, I felt that I should go, and so I decide to join the workshop. The capacity was just 10, it was a very small workshop, but when I went there, there was only 2 students! Myself and a young woman in her twenties! That means that until two days earlier, there was only one person planning to attend the workshop! I cannot imagine that now!

After the workshop, I told Mark that next time you hold the workshop in Tokyo, please let me know and I will support you - I will help you gather attendees for the workshop.
I didn't mean that I wanted to host his workshops, I just wanted to help him gather students, because it was so bad that there were only two students in his workshop!

However, maybe he misunderstood my English because the next time, I'm not sure why, but we ending up holding his workshop. So at that time, I thought "It's OK, just this one time" and so we held his workshops.

Everything started from that moment! The first workshop we held was an evening workshop... and I remember it sold out in 3 hours, 75 seats.

As you know, now Mark's workshops is one of our most popular workshops. Every time his workshops fill up within 24 hours of advertising them. These workshops are usually for about 100 people at a time and they always fill up they are so popular. And he now comes to Japan three times a year to give his workshops and we started to do training, not only workshops, so that people could become trained as Feng Shui consultants.

In fact I became a Feng Shui consultant this year.

Everything that has happened is so far beyond what we ever imagined! For me, this is really weird and wonderful! Our life flow is so interesting! If I hadn't thought, just two days before his workshop, "Oh I can attend" then none of this would ever have happened.
It was a terribly hot day, and I didn't want to travel in the heat. But that day is so interconnected with where we are now. Life is so interesting!

As for Mark's workshops, sometimes I get a cancellation. The message I usually get is that the person has suddenly got to work on that day and can no longer attend. When I get these messages, all I can think is how unlucky it is for that person to not be able to attend. The only reason we are able to have such big workshops these days is because I made attending the workshop a priority rather than working. Work is important of course, but if we go to work instead of attending the workshop, nothing changes, our day will be the same as it was every other day.

When the wave of change comes, we should ride that wave! Even if that means skipping work for the day. Who knows, attending the workshop that day could be the beginning of a new life.


by legacyofcayce | 2014-12-24 17:56 | article