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Recipe for Good Fortune

Last week I traveled with some friends to Nagasaki.
At the hotel we chatted almost till midnight like young girls at a pajama party! This kind of chatting with close friends is like good nutrition for our spirit and souls.

One of the friends told us about something that had happened to a girlfriend of hers. She said that her friend decided to stop saying negative things about others and to stop complaining for three months. She was able to do it for three months. And during that time she found many blessings and good things happened to her, such as coincidences and serendipity, one after another.

In fact, I have tried to do the same thing in the past. But it was so difficult that I gave up after 3 weeks. (Mail magazine No.316)

Edgar Cayce left us with a very similar reading: we should not say negative things about others. To speak harshly of others and to criticize naturally hurts the other person, but it also hurts us. These words can hurt our future as well, because those words will return to us in some way in the future.

"Also we find the inclinations for the entity at times to become, when aggravated, rather severe in its criticisms of others. This should be tempered; for what one says of another will usually be one's own state also - in one form or another."1669-1

"...but ye cannot even THINK bad of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature. Think WELL of others, and if ye cannot speak well of them don't speak! but don't think it either!"2936-2

Sometimes, however, we want to fight back, because we feel that we are right and others are wrong. Even in such cases, Edgar Cayce says that we should not fight back against the other person.

"Though ye may be spoken of harshly, smile - SMILE! For it is upon the river of Life that smiles are made. Not grins! No Cheshire cat activities bring other than those that are of the earth, of such natures that create in the minds and the experiences those things that becomes repulsive. But the smile of understanding cheers on the hearts of those who are discouraged, who are disheartened. It costs so little! It does thee so much good, and lifts the burdens of so many!" 281-30

"Leave off speaking unkindly. If it is impossible to say nice things about a person, keep silent - even though what you might say may be true." 3376-1

If you believe in God, then you must accept this Cayce reading all the more. We Japanese don’t believe in just one God. We sometime visit shrines, temples or churches. I think this is evidence that we believe that there are gods. And therefore, we must live in alignment with this belief.

Edgar Cayce says that if you believe in God, please be patient even when someone says something against you. Please let it be.

This looks easy, but it is in fact, really hard.

"This requires, then, that the mental attitude be such as to not only proclaim or announce a belief in the divine, and to promise to dedicate self to same, but the entity must CONSISTENTLY live such. And the test, the proof of same, is longsuffering. This does not mean suffering of self and not grumbling about it. Rather, though you be persecuted, unkindly spoken of, taken advantage of by others, you do not attempt to fight back or to do spiteful things; that you be patient - first with self, then with others." 3121-1

(Q)Just what should I do about my husband and home?
(A) "As just indicated, live right SELF! Never so act, in ANY manner, in any inclination, that there may ever be an experience of regret within self. Let the moves and the discourteousness, the unkindness, all come from the other. Better to be abased SELF and have the peace within!"1183-3

"Today, I didn’t meet anyone and I didn’t say anything bad to anyone or about anyone. " I’m not saying that we should live like this, without ever meeting others. This is a very passive way of living. Instead, we live with others and meet with others, and then make the proactive choice to be kind, say nice things, and make others laugh and be happy rather than choosing to say something bad or negative about them or to them.

This is the true recipe for good fortune.

I want to introduce one more reading by Cayce. He gave this reading to a woman who had a disease.

"Keep an attitude of helpfulness, cheerfulness, hopefulness. BE OPTIMISTIC! At least make three people each day laugh heartily, by something the body says! It'll not only help the body; it'll help others!" 798-1

Cayce accepted that sometimes people feel positive and sometimes they feel negative.

Then he continued with the reading....
" But don't forget the recipe of making three people laugh every day! " 798-1

So here is the recipe:

Don’t say negative things. And never speak harshly to or of others. Make people laugh three times a day.

For today at least, please try this recipe,

Temple Beautiful Mail Magazine No.457. Sent on September.14, 2012

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Aura Photos - Before and After

In the past month, we took aura photos of 30 women.

First we took their aura photo, then we did a massage with castor oil or aura glow massage oil, and then we took another photo a few minutes after this massage.


We took these photos in a seminar room, in other words, we were not in any kind of relaxing environment, in fact it was quite a messy room. But as you can see, after just this massage most of the auras had changed and were much brighter and more vivid.

This picture shows my aura and two of my staff. This is the before photo of our auras.

The next picture is taken a few minutes after massaging castor oil on my hand.

Actually, before I took the photo, I thought my aura might be quite red, but in fact it was more blue and green, with some purple.

Then after the castor oil massage, my aura had become much brighter, and the purple had changed to a more pinkish purple.

The aura reader said that I was the sort of person who takes action according to my intuition, without thinking. I didn’t agree with him at first, because I am a president of a company! He said that I am the type of person takes action on something that excites me very quickly. I usually act without thinking deeply about it.

Temple Beautiful has a president who takes action according to my intuition, and has staff with red and orange auras, and the aura reader said that this was a good combination for a team.

In the past, a company president would have a red aura. However, newer companies tend to have presidents with similar auras to me. I wonder if this means that we are running our businesses by sensing and feeling rather than strictly following research and common knowledge.

The aura reader has been taking these kinds of photos for 9 years. He said that castor oil and aura glow are great products to be able to have such a big change so quickly in the auras of these women.

This seminar of taking aura photos was very interesting and I’m looking forward to doing it again!

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Castor oil and Massage oil affect our aura?

Recently, we took some “before and after” photographs of our aura. We wanted to see what affects castor oil and massage oil had on our aura.

This is a photo of one of our staff, she agreed to be the model for the experiment.

In this “before” picture, we were a little concerned about the aura photograph. The red color you can see is quite dark, and you can also see that there is no color underneath her neck. This aura basically suggests that she is probably tired and has overworked for a few months. The energy in the aura is quite tired.

After massaging her hands and elbows using Aura Glow, we took another photo. This is 13 minutes later.

She didn’t use the oil for her whole body, just hands and elbows, and yet her aura recovered all over and her energy returned.

I think we can say that Aura Glow actually helps our aura grow! She only used it for 10 minutes! I think this aura glow massage oil is good as a kind of maintenance to use in the morning or before bed, to help us maintain energy and fix any energy issues that we may have.

After using the castor oil pack for three days, we took another photo of her aura in the same location.

The aura reader, Mr.Sakaue(Colour Energy Laboratory, Inc.)gave us some feedback, and he said that he found that some kind of purification had taken place in her aura. In other words, he said that the castor oil seemed to have had a detox effect on her aura.

We use the castor oil on the liver, and the liver is the organ that tends to store anger energy. When we use a castor oil pack on our liver, it seems to reset our emotional state, and we can regain our true selves.

This time, our staff used the pack for three days. Usually the castor oil pack is used for 3 weeks and 3 days. If we do that, it could have an even greater effect on the aura, and detox it even more.

Usually we have a hard armor around us, however, I think that using the castor oil pack can release this armor, and enable us to be our true selves once again.

The next picture shows the aura after she had massaged her hands and cheek with Castor oil.

As you can see, after she did this massage, her aura changed again. The right side of the aura relates to our future, and as you can see, the color of the future area has changed.

This shows us that we can change our aura now, which means we may be able to make changes to the future and even our past.

by legacyofcayce | 2013-02-07 08:00 | article