Castor Oil Pack (Testimony)

I have been using the castor oil pack for 6 months. My cycle is 5 days of Castor oil pack and 2 days rest. I have lost 8 kilos. I used to have a pain in my groin area quite often, but that has almost gone.I'm very grateful for the Castor oil pack. I plan to continue the Castor oil pack.


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Castor Oil Pack (Testimony)

A few days after I started using the castor oil pack, my back pain was gone. And the red, congested eyes that I used to experience also disappeared. I felt that my health is the best it has been my entire life.
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Castor Oil Pack (Testimony)

I feel that my mind has become clear. I always felt a little emotionally unstable or nervous. However this feeling has gone. A month after starting the Castor oil packs, the bleeding I experience during my period has become much lighter. I remember my period used to be that light when I was a teenager. So I feel like the Castor oil pack is helping to give me an inner cleanse.

I have many other trouble spots and health issues, but the Castor oil pack supports me on my road to good health.


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Castor Oil Pack (Testimony)

I have been using the castor oil pack three times a week. I feel that my health has stabilized. I have good elimination, and this feels like a detox for me. Whenever I feel tired or my health worsens, I do a castor oil pack and the next day I feel much better. I'm really thankful for the power of these castor oil packs.

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I first heard about Cayce was when I was in junior high school days(about 1977) and I started to follow his readings in 1989.

At that time, there was no way to buy the Castor oil needed, and even in Tokyo it was hard to buy olive oil. So it was very hard to do the Cayce treatments at home. I had to import what I needed from overseas.

When we established the "Edgar Cayce Center in Japan", I found that many other people were having trouble getting the Caster oil and massage oils,too. So I started to help them import what they needed from overseas, and that was how Temple Beautiful began.

Recently, whenever I visit the US, and attend holistic conferences, I hear many people say that the Cayce readings are too old. I realized that less and less people are interested in the Cayce readings, and in particular young people feel there is no benefit in his readings. I felt very disheartened by this.

For me, I feel that the Cayce readings are still effective. There are only a few readings translated into Japanese, so we only have access to a small percentage of his work. However, the ones that are available are used by many Japanese, and have helped many people here.

On this page, I'd like to introduce some stories of how people in Japan are using the readings for their good health.

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